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Led Aqua Series/Lights, Spectacolour, Flexible LED Strip, Led Color Changers

Articulight introduces the new SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 color changing luminaire

The Articulight SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 is a groundbreaking color-changing projector for both indoor and outdoor applications, which combines 90 high-power LEDs as its light source. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 creates an evenly diffused light beam with remote precision-control of all main characteristics: luminous intensity, RGB color mixing and color temperature. The exclusive design and the possibility to use different sets of lenses make the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 ideal for either permanent or temporary installation in a wide range of applications: urban sites, bridges, monuments, buildings, stages, museums, art galleries, libraries, shopping malls, theaters, television studios and photography studios. 

For more detailed info: http://articulight.com/led/SPECTACOLOUR_PC90/index.html.

Spectacolour PRO 90- image



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Led Aqua Series/Lights, Led Color Changers/Changing Lights, Spectacolour 18 PC