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Intelligent Lighting System
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The TORNADO series is a newly developed intelligent lighting projection system. Constructed from formed composite materials - scratch resistant polymer- the TORNADO finely sculpted, elegant lines herald a new dawn in the aesthetics of high performance lighting effects. The TORNADO has been conceived to be a product that breaks conventional attitudes to what a lighting projector should look like and is destined for applications where rival projectors are just too clumsy and awkward.

The TORNADO is not only the perfect lighting solution for designers of entertainment and hospitality venues who want a lighting effect that is sympathetic to their creations. It also opens completely new possibilities for architectural, retail, sales promotion, multi-media and exhibition lighting applications. And uniquely, we have developed a color coating system for the TORNADO allowing designers to specify their fixtures in a comprehensive range of colors. It comes in black as standard and with blue, pink, orange and yellow as optional.

But beauty is far from skin deep with the TORNADO. Inside the svelte casing, we have incorporated a range of features more advanced and more dynamic than other scanners of TORNADO proportions and much larger.

The TORNADO boasts a pan (175 degrees) and tilt (80 degrees) movement, 7 dichroic colors plus white, 5 gobo patterns plus open, shutter and strobe, all controlled via 4 DMX512 channels.

Three main models are available: PK-111 with 250w halogen bulb; PK-112 with CDM150w metal halide bulb and; PK-113 with MSD250w metal halide bulb.

The TORNADO range offers a highly affordable, effective intelligent lighting projectors in a very attractive package.


LAMPS: - 250/24v EHJ: 50 hours, halogen, 3200 degrees Kelvin
EVC/FGX: 300 hours, halogen, 3200 degrees Kelvin
M36: 2000 hours, halogen, 3200 degrees Kelvin
G6.35 base
- Mastercolor CDM150w: 10,000 hours, metal halide, 4200 degrees Kelvin, G12 base
- MSD250w: 2000 hours, metal halide, 6000 degrees Kelvin , GY9.5 base

POWER SUPPLY: 230v/50hz or 110v/60hz (except MSD250 that's available only in 230v)

COLORS: 7 dichroic plus white

GOBOS: 5 patterns plus open. Custom pattern wheels are available at additional cost.

SHUTTER/STROBE: Mechanical shutter provides strobe effect and blackout

PAN: 175 degrees

TILT: 80 degrees

PROTECTION: Auto cut off in high temperature

BEAM ANGLE: 10.2 degrees

PHOTOMETRIC DATA: see attached.

OPTICAL SYSTEM: High performance custom optical system consisting of a mirror, lensing assembly, dichroic color filters and highly polished reflector resulting in extremely bright and sharp images

CONTROL:Digital DMX512

CONTROL OPTIONS: 1. Stand alone 2. Master/slave 3. Remote controlled




WEIGHT: Halogen version: 8-10 Kgs (18-22 lbs) (230v-110v)
Metal Hailde version: 10-12 Kgs (22-26 lbs) (230v-110v)

DIMENSIONS: L,W,H: 526x240x347mm with bracket/ 225mm without bracket 
20.7x9.5x13.7 inch with bracket/ 8.9 inch without bracket

: Fan cooled

MOTORS: 4 high quality stepper motors assure reliable, repeatable and accurate movement

ELECTRONICS: Highly advanced state-of-the-art electronics designed to assure smooth, accurate, repeatable, reliable and durable operation of the whole TORNADO system. 

MOUNTING: Universal

HOUSING: Scratch resistant high grade polymer casing with round curves for beauty and safety with sheet metal bracket. 

SAFETY: CE approved for indoor locations only.

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