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Interior Recessed LED Color Changer

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The DIVE projector is a high quality LED colour changer, specifically designed for exterior recessed applications. DIVE's RGB colour mixing system, using high brightness and efficiency LEDs, is shared with the DAWN fixture and DIVE has the same innumerable benefits and control options. DIVE is available in Class 1 and Class 3 versions, both featuring an IP68 (Full Dry) weather protection rating. A 4,000 Kg deadweight load capacity makes DIVE Class 1 suitable for ground mounting applications even in vehicled areas. On the other hand, Dive Class 3 is the appropriate choice for underwater installations, for lighting, for example, fountains directly from the base or from the sides. This versatile fixture also allows beam positioning through 10 degrees Tilt and a full 360 degrees Pan. An optional mounting bracket allows surface mounting. Various models are available with different beam angle options.



DIVE Class 1 High Voltage model AL 1222
DIVE Class 3 Low Voltage model AL 1212
High brightness 1.2W power LED (Light-Emitting Diode) units
Continuously variable light intensity
1-100% electronic dimming facility
Virtually instant light production (100 ns)
Strobe facility (12 fps)
Source Life
The LED light sources used have an exceptionally long life: predicted 100,000 hours under normal operating conditions.
10 degrees beam angle - ordering code AL 1222 (class 1)
30 degrees beam angle - ordering code AL 1224 (class 1)
45 degrees beam angle - ordering code AL 1226 (class 1)
10 degrees beam angle - ordering code AL 1223 (class 3)
30 degrees beam angle - ordering code AL 1225 (class 3)
45 degrees beam angle - ordering code AL 1227 (class 3)
Optional Frost filter for 10 degrees optics version only (ordering code AL 1302)
Optional 10 degrees beam set (ordering code AL 1314)
Optional 30 degrees beam set (ordering code AL 1315)
Optional 45 degrees beam set (ordering code AL 1316)
Optional expansion filter (ordering code AL 1304)
Color Variety
RGB additive color mixing for countless attractive saturated colors
Theoretical variety of 16,700,000 color hues
Pre-set selectable color sequences and blends
Control Operation
On-board Dip Switch set for digital data assignment and stand alone operation control
Master and Slave
4 channels of DMX 512 standard protocol
Input and output DMX signal connectors
IP65 optional dedicated DMX controller (ordering code AL 1322)
Electrical Specifications
Power supply:
class 1- standard 210-250V / 50-60Hz / 0,15 Amp.
class 1- optional 100-120V / 50-60Hz / 0,35 Amp. (available on request)
class 3- low voltage 24V/ 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 36W max at full intensity (full RGB)
LED operation voltage 24VAC
Class 3 units require a separate transformer box
Optional IP65 transformer box powering up to 4 units (ordering code AL 1318)
Optional IP68 extension cord connector
(ordering code AL 1319)
3 mt power supply cable included
3 mt digital data cable included
Self-resetting fuse protection
Meets CE safety standards
Die cast aluminium body
Scratch resistant 100% polyester black paint
Beam angle orientation adjustment of 10
Suitable for wall, ground and ceiling recessing
Adjustable bracket for alternative surface mounting and formwork included
Full 360 degrees orientation capability
Load bearing 4,000 Kg
IP68 protection rating
External Operating Limits
-20C to 30C (-4F to 86F) temperature
0-95% relative humidity (non condensing)
AL 1222 Class 1 = 5 Kg
AL 1212 Class 3 = 4 Kg
AL 1318 Optional IP65 transformer box = 3 Kg
DMX Channels
Channel 1 - Red
Channel 2 - Green
Channel 3 - Blue
Channel 4 - Dimmer / Strobe

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