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Color-changing lights come in many different forms. Whether you are looking into an LED color changer, an HD color changer, a metal halide color changer or a xenon color changer, these lights have a large scope of uses in practical, decorative and creative terms. These lights are fitted with a color-controlling device that allows the user to determine how much light is emitted and which colors are showcased. With color changers you have the option to stick to a solitary color, or change the settings so multiple colors are on display. Ambiance is a very important element to a successful restaurant or club because the mood needs to be just right in order for people to relax and enjoy themselves. With color changers in LED, HD, metal halide or xenon styles, they can be used to create fade effects and light shows, which can be an exciting feature for all kinds of events and parties.
For over a decade color changers have been available to a wide range of entertainment and amusement facilities such as concerts, theatres, studios, night clubs and theme parks. Recently however, their use has dramatically increased.

A color changer is a device which changes the color of light emitted from a fixture. There are many different types of color changers i.e. gel scrollers, liquid crystal and dichroic. We will focus on the dichroic type. These units are becoming the most widely used and are very practical for broad-based applications.

ARTICULIGHT offers a wide range of advanced, high performance color changers, to suit the most widely differing requirements. ARTICULIGHT color changers incorporate intelligent lighting technology with programming and remote control functions. All ARTICULIGHT color changers share a set of extremely interesting basic features that are frequently lacking on less innovative units.

The color changers in this range produce ultra pure, vivid, stable color thanks to the use of top quality, high light output dichroic filters. These filters are carefully selected to ensure that when a number of units are used together, they all produce exactly the same color. Conventional color filters work by absorption, holding back the unwanted colors in the spectrum. Dichrioc color filters work by reflection reflecting away the unwanted colors. Dichroic filters do not absorb incident light, therefore there are no heat build-up and burn-out problems. Dichroics will not fade or have color shift during the life of the filter. Dichroics yield high transmissions, up to 70% more efficiency for more intense and brighter colors even with dark or deeply saturated color. The dichroic filtration system is extremely resistant to heat - withstands thermal load up to 350C - and humidity and resists abrasion and thermal shock.

Most of ARTICULIGHT color changers utilize the CYM (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) subtractive dichroic color mixing system resulting in the generation of infinite colors and shades.

ARTICULIGHT color changers use HID (metal halide) or halogen light sources and power ratings vary according to the model. The luminous efficiency of the lamps themselves is significantly boosted by the innovative optical systems. Such is the efficiency of our color changers that a number of conventional color changers are needed to produce the same light as just on ARTICULIGHT color changer. The special optical system also ensures the perfectly uniform light projection without bright spots and halos that is quite indispensable in professional applications.

ARTICULIGHT color changers also have a surprisingly long list of extra features. On top of the basic functions now found in all professional color changers, ARTICULIGHT offers the lighting designer a wide range of new effects which greatly increase their potential to handle multiple applications.

The actual features, which vary from model to model, include:
Gradual transition of colors (crossfade)
0 to 100% linear mechanical dimmer
0 to 100% electronic dimmer
instantly switchable shutter
rainbow effect
variable frequency strobe effect
wide range of accessories such as Barndoors, Lenses, Mirrors

All functions are electronically controlled, permitting both remote control and programming. All ARTICULIGHT color changers accept the lighting industry standard DMX512 digital communication protocol. Most ARTICULIGHT color changers come with all of the following control options as standard.
1. Stand Alone which can operate either with or without a remote controller. Preset programs make it easy to plug and play.
2. Master/Slave (full synchronization) which can operate with or without a remote controller. Preset programs make it easy to plug and play.
3. Remote control provides for more creativity and flexibility.

ARTICULIGHT color changers are highly functional and represent many cost benefits. Thanks to the high power of the light beam, fewer ARTICULIGHT color changers are needed for any application than conventional color changers. Dichroic filters give better colors and better light output than gel filters and color scrollers. Colors are stable in time and dichroics do not need periodic replacement. Low running costs are resulted because of the HID lamps which last up to 10,000 hours (far longer than the lamps used in alternative color changers), power factor correction reducing energy consumption, lower wattage yet higher light output and high and consistent color temperature svaes on electricity bills. Improvements in HID (metal halide) lamp technology also result in cooler running fixtures which reduces air conditioning consumption and running costs. Additional functions such as built-in dimmer or built-in strobe effect often make separate units unnecessary. More modern design means better efficiency and lower costs. Output is impressive both in intensity and coverage making it possible to use less projectors without sacrificing anything. Color changers are totally seamless and repeatable die to the unique design and arrangement of the dichroic color filters and the silky smooth movement which are the result of an extremely brilliant, well integrated electronic, optical and mechanical design.

ARTICULIGHT color changers are manufactured from high quality components and are quality assembled by highly trained technicians, offering both mechanical robustness and long term durability. ARTICULIGHT color changers are designed for outdoor/indoor applications and IP ratings range from 20 to 65 and are CE approved.

ARTICULIGHT color changers provide many technical and creative solutions. They are very reliable. The volume of noise they produce is minimal or virtually non-existent. They are fast. They are highly lightweight and very compact making them perfect for portable as well as places where space is limited. Power consumption is negligible. Their various features make them extremely versatile offering the lighting designer a highly powerful tool.

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