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High Power CYM Color Changing Flood
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The CENTURY COLOUR 2500 model PR-2001 is an innovative color changing luminaire with an elegant housing made from high quality aluminum alloy with an epoxy paint finish. The CENTURY COLOUR 2500 complies to CE norms and standards and uses international protocol DMX 512.

The CENTURY COLOUR 2500 features full CYM color mixing with high resolution stepper motors, and an independent adjustable linear mechanical dimmer 0-100%. The protection against dust and liquid is very high, IP 44, and guarantees perfect functioning even in unfavorable weather conditions. The angle of the tilt inclination of the projector head is adjusted easily from 0 to 90 degrees.

Thanks to a newly developed, patent pending reflector, enabling the maximum collection of light and its even distribution, results in very intense beam and the light output is over 20% higher than competing luminaires.

Now you can really flood buildings, monuments, structures and sites indoors and outdoors with deep saturated colors. The 2500W lamped CENTURY COLOUR 2500 has all the power you will need coupled with smooth distribution of light. Paint your projections with real colors.

The only condition for CENTURY COLOUR 2500 best chromatic performance is the projection onto preferably white or light colored walls. When in use its sequence of colors, which goes from pastel shades to bright colors, creates a chromatic atmosphere around the building and gives it an elegant or glamorous look. The CENTURY COLOUR 2500 enables the designer to paint a subtle pastel wash or to create a constellation of vivid colors.

The greatest beauty of the CENTURY COLOUR 2500 is the creative power it puts in your hand. CENTURY COLOUR 2500 programmed color changing floodlighting to mark various holidays - red, white and blue for the Fourth of July; red and green for Christmas; yellow, orange and white for Thanksgiving; different shades of green for St. Patrick's Day and various hues of pink for Valentine's Day - just to name a few - can surely create a positive reference of belonging and will invoke a warm feeling toward the lighted object and its surroundings.

Corporate identity can be dramatically enhanced by projecting the company's colors on its headquarters building. Entertainment and hospitality venues i.e. movie theaters, casinos, bowling centers and restaurants as well as retail establishments such as shopping malls and specialty stores can perfectly stand out in the highly crowded and extremely competitive scene of urban and suburban buildings by using the CENTURY COLOUR 2500 as an effective attention getter and visual reminder. It reminds the passerby that those buildings not only exist but have become a focal point landmark. The CENTURY COLOUR 2500 is an important component in the branding process in that it enables the use of colors and motion to become a strong element of recognition of that particular site. By using the already stored programs (the use of a controller is not necessary), one can obtain shades of two or more colors by passing, quickly or slowly, through all the intermediate positions.



Power Supply 220/230V AC 50/60 Hz
Lamp HMI 2500 GS (OSRAM) or
MSI 2500 (Phillips) or
BA 2500 DE HR (Sylvania)
Manufacturer's Rated Lamp Life: 600 hours
Socket: Sfa21-12
Color Temperature 5,600 K
Lumens 240,000
Lamp Life 750 Hours
Socket Sfa21-12
Colors Cyan, Yellow, Magenta; CYM color mixing system; pure dichroic filters
Shutter/Strobe/Dimming Shutter for blackout, strobe and dimming
Beam Angle 45 X 60 (rectangular coverage

(1 meter = 3.3 feet)

Projection Distance
Horizontal Coverage
Vertical Coverage
Motors 4 stepper motors
Control DMX, 6 channels, Automatic stand alone, Automatic with Master/Slave operation and remote control
IP Rating IP44
Cooling Fan cooled
Housing Metal with epoxy powder paint finish
Dimensions 770 mm (L) X 500 mm (W) X 720 mm (H) (30.3 X 19.69 X 28.35 inches)
Power Consumption 2800W @ 220V
Weight 70 Kg (154 lbs)


Companies the world over are realizing the promotional benefits of exterior lighting. Architectural lighting helps create dreamlike atmosphere through an ever changing flow of light and color. Multiple fixtures may be linked together and synchronized for truly unique effects. Just imagine the possibilities.

From the modem architect who creates designs and specifications for new and exciting buildings to a hotel concerned with drawing more attention to their building; from an amusement park specifying more interesting lighting for their attractions, to organizers concerned with adding that special touch to a special event - whether a company illuminates a subtle company logo or projects a total wash across the front of a building - outdoor color changing projectors will soon be everywhere. And with the quality of the CENTURY COLOUR 2500 we lead the way.

Imagine a casino turning gold every time a lucky gambler hits the jackpot; arena lighting pulsating when the home team scores; an outdoor concert where the lighting fades in and out to the music; a company headquarters awashed in color for the arrival of an important client - architectural lighting applications are virtually endless. Imagine houses of worship, federal, state, county and municipal buildings as well as historical buildings, landscapes and natural sites showered with ever changing light and colors making them special and the pride and joy of their communities.

Imagine shopping malls, retail outlets, entertainment and leisure venues. Imagine even power stations, bridges and factories! Imagine all this and much more. Again the possibilities are limitless. A store's evening image is most productive when illumination from within the building and outdoor lighting work in tandem to advertise its presence. A combination of facade illumination, signage, landscape lighting and in malls and shopping centers, parking lot lighting identify the store and its exterior environment. Clear messages can be sent to shoppers by controlling the relative brightness and color of these elements.

Adapting from our theatrical and entertainment lighting technology, designers and architects can develop customized illumination systems that boost a store's contemporary image and reinforce its retail concept. Major stores in shopping centers can use the night sky as a background for nighttime illumination. Programmed levels of colored light add to the store's personality and the consumers level of expectation. A central rotunda, for example, can glow dramatically at night to silhouette a panorama of customers and merchandise displays. Evening shoppers will have an invitingly color changing wash illuminated top-to-bottom view of the interior activity.

Retail architecture requires bright self-illuminated signs which should be calibrated so that they can hold their own against powerful pole-mounted parking lot lights or street lights. Potential customers became lost customers when they cannot find their way or read signage because of glare from overhead flood lighting. Personal security plays a major role in deciding where to shop. Customers are sensitive to visual cues that effect their perceptions of safety and well-being. Contrast ratios influence outdoor security. If the ratio is too low, customers feel uncomfortable and will avoid the area. Enter the CENTURY COLOUR 2500. It will solve this problem very easily since it's bright, colorful and features a variety of motion possibilities. It gives the feeling that something is always happening, like an Architectural Happening with its dynamic sequences to choreographed settings. It could save a programmed cycle of colors which play across a curtain wall and masonry facing. Or inside at the atrium projecting at the vertical surfaces. Clearly the CENTURY COLOUR 2500
storefront illumination communicates merchandise appeal, produces a dynamic light show after sunset and delivers safety for after dark shoppers.

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