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Overwhelmed with great excitement, several billions of people in the world exclaimed at the splendor of the lighting effects in the Bird's Nest – Beijing National Stadium, where the opening ceremony of Beijing 29th Olympic Games was initiated at 8:00 PM on 8-8-2008 and ended on 8-24-2008.  In the grand Olympic occasions, excellent lighting fixtures of more than 200 units of Century Colour 2500L http://articulight.com/acc/CENTURY_COLOUR2500L/index.html were among chosen to light up of the opening/closing ceremonies both of the 29th Olympic Games and Paralympics Games in Beijing.

The stage performance full of remarkable cultural atmosphere in the Bird's Nest conveyed to the world the essence of Chinese culture and spirits. The opening ceremony ended but the interpretations by the Chinese on Olympic Games are still echoing in the minds of the world's people. In the opening ceremony, the whole Bird's Nest saturated with colorful lighting looked like a resplendent pearl, rendering abundant enjoyments of splendid lights and high-tech vision effects to the world.

The night view lighting effects of the Nest are designed for 5 sections. The main effects focus on the traditional Chinese RED. The lighting system can display different dynamic scenes with colors of Gold, Silver and Red and dynamic performance of red color. In fact, all the lightings played such an important role that they have set up a new lighting record in the world and made the opening ceremony of Beijing Games surpass those of the previous Olympic Games either in high-tech applications or in quantity of lighting fixtures. Large quantity of computerized lighting fixtures updated in the world were applied for the opening ceremony to meet the needs of performance ideas and suit the structures of the Nest. The splendor of the Nest and the standard lighting for the venues are outcomes of high-tech and professional innovations as the lighting fixtures are required to be designed and manufactured to the idea of GREEN OLYMPICS integrating elite functions, environment protection, energy saving with art performance, which was a sever challenge to the lighting manufacturers.

Century Colour 2500L wash lights were used for the opening/closing ceremonies of the 29th Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Beijing. Hundreds of wash lights were used independently for magnificent lighting effects to all the vast top structure section of the Bird's Nest.

After the opening ceremony in the Bird's Nest, people of all countries were overwhelmed by the splendid and magnificent scenes of Bird's Nest saturated with so wonderful lighting effects. Chinese and foreign Lighting experts are all shocked by the lighting effects interpreted with PR brand wash lights of unique stability. In the process of nearly 3 months of rehearsals and commissioning for the opening/closing ceremonies, CENTURY COLOUR 2500LL wash lights won high praises from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and committee of ceremonies for their stable performance and superior quality. In deed, CENTURY COLOUR 2500LL wash lights rendered great contributions to the successful opening ceremony. In the critical eyes of the General Director of Ceremony, Mr Zhang Yimou, the lighting is most colorful, giving out striking vision impacts to the audience. The chief lighting designer of ceremony Mr Sha Xiaolan comments: "Even earlier in the Beijing night show of One-Year Countdown Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Games, I was deeply impressed by the excellent performance of CENTURY COLOUR 2500LL." 

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