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In November 2001 Concert & Corporate Productions were approached by the Engineering Department at Burswood International Resort, Perth, to write a proposal for the installation of an automated lighting system to illuminate the North and South exterior faces of the Hotel.

For the December Gala Opening of the Resort's Ruby Room Nightclub C&CP put in a temporary install illuminating only the northern side.

"The management were so happy with the results they contracted us to design, supply and install a system to illuminate both sides of the resort," said Sean McKernan, C&CP's systems programmer. "We looked at several different manufacturers and their products eventually deciding on the 2500w CityColors. We liked their brilliant colour mix system and we needed the punch that the 2500's can deliver."


The Resort is huge, fourteen storeys at the highest point, and so C&CP decided to use ten units, five units per side, to give an even coverage. The hotel gave strict instructions that they were not allowed to project light into the VIP Suites as this could disturb the high paying guests staying in the western rooms. Hence the CityColors bleed off to the east and western edges to prevent "resident feedback" - a term created by C&CP.

The five units installed on the southern side of the resort are mounted on custom designed poles that support two units ten metres above the ground. This height was essential as they are installed in a car park. C&CP specified the design of the poles and a local fabrication company constructed them.

The exterior northern façade of the Royal Exhibition Building was bathed in colour for one night only as part of the Gala Dinner held at the Melbourne Museum. The brief was to provide a fixed colour wash to the building and Resolution X did not hesitate to use CityColors to successfully achieve this requirement. Six CityColors were used along with eighty Par 64s.

"The CityColors were great although, as it was a fixed colour wash, we were only utilising their brightness rather than their colour changing ability," said Tim. "We had a very limited set up time with no ability to set up the night before. Consequently we had to have as few fixtures as possible so that we could focus them quickly once it got dark but before guests arrived. The CityColors provided that really well and also had the added benefit of being waterproof. The output of the CityColors was fantastic as was the width of coverage they provided."

The five southern units were painted white so as to blend in with the white surroundings of the resort. C&CP painted the units in-house using a specialist high temp etch primer. Whilst painting the five south units white, they also painted one unit Forest Green as this unit was going to be installed on the northern face in a garden bed.

The units on the northern side consist of the one green unit in the garden and four black standard units on the roof of the restaurant where they are not visible to the public.

To control the system Sean McKernan specified a Lightcorder, a product Show Technology's Architectural Products Manager Jonathan Ciddor introduced him to at Entech 2002.

"I could see that the Lightcorder's specifications would fulfil all the future requirements for the system," said Sean. "Due to the Lightcorder being a pre-official release we had a few software glitches but once the programmer in Denmark finally finished it the system is great. Jonathan and Vince Haddad were great at getting the unit running even though we have the first in the country and possibly the world. Once the scheduling software is finished we can schedule annual events such as NYE, Australia Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day etc where Burswood Marketing require us to change the look of the building."

The installation was completed in two days, once the electrical system was fitted, and a further week of adjustment was need to focus and programme. The initial programming was completed on a Wholehog PC and a Hog 1000 as the Lightcorder is a DMX capture& replay unit only.

The installation was completed on the 7th May 2002, a result of seven months of planning with Burstwood Engineering and two weeks of installing and refinements. Any alterations can be programmed in house at C&CPs offices then uploaded to the Lightcorder in a matter of minutes.

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