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After extensive testing of leading projectors lasting almost a year CHASE BANK decided to go with Articulight, Inc. of Fair Lawn New Jersey. CHASE Bank began branding city sidewalks with its octagonal logo, using Articulight's image projector GB 150 http://articulight.com/gp/GB150_files/index.html

Now, Chase Bank is neither the first nor the only company to use graphic projectors to beam commercial messages onto public sidewalks at night, where pedestrians simply cannot help seeing them. Commerce Bank is another. But the Chase logo is so bold, its branches so numerous and its corporate profile so high that it may set an irresistible example.

Chase Bank installed graphic projectors inside a few dozen of branches in the city as part of an overall refurbishing effort. The bank is trying to create a brighter, friendlier feel to their branches. Projectors were installed where foot traffic and neighborhood context warranted them.

The feedback has been positive: kids jumping in and out of the octagon, it’s a fun thing. That familiar blue octagon brightly shining on the sidewalk, is a welcome sight to a CHASE BANK customer looking for a branch in an unfamiliar  neighborhood.  It's likened to the phenomenon of the Batman signal.

And the octagons certainly could be big. One of the blue and white emblems stretched 8 feet 4 inches across the sidewalk and was 5 feet 10 inches wide — nearly 50 square feet. That’s a lot of logo!!

In a time when attention spans are shrinking to new lows, retailers and manufacturers continue to search for ways to make their messages pop up to consumers. Among the unused surfaces ripe for advertising are building facades and asphalt.

Equipment purchased: 100 GB 150 http://articulight.com/gp/GB150_files/index.html.

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