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Resolution X play their part in historical event

A century of nationhood was celebrated in Melbourne when about 7000 people packed the Royal Exhibition Building to witness the centenary joint sitting of Federal Parliament. But while the venue was just as magnificent as it was 100 years ago, this was a very different occasion, reflecting a transformed nation with new priorities and challenges unimagined 100 years ago.

The opening of the first parliament was preceded by a royal procession and Aborigines were banned from staging a corroboree. This one began with the paying of respect to the original owners of the land, the Wurundjeri people.


The original was held without power. The speeches were unamplified and many of the guests struggled to hear them, even the reading of a telegram from the King consenting to the creation of a new nation. There was only natural light and very few cameras. This one was broadcast live on TV across the country.

Supplying the lighting for this historically important event was Melbourne company Resolution X.

"Basically we were providing light for the television coverage as well as enhancing the room give that it was a daylight event," said Tim Hall, Managing Director of Resolution X. "We used about forty 5K fresnels and fifty 2K fresnels, all colour corrected to daylight to match the light coming through the windows."

A simulated 'fire' effect was required for the indigenous welcome and this was done with the aid of Jem Stage Hazers, AF-1 fans and Combicolors. Six Combicolors were in placed beneath metal grilles on the stage floor so that they could shoot light up to create a fire effect.

"We used the AF-1 fans to push the haze through which gave us control over the thickness of the smoke for various parts of the performance, said Tim. "The Combicolors shot through the same grille providing the flickering red and yellow light of the fire. It came up surprisingly well given that it was daylight. The metal grilles cut back the intensity of the light but because the Combicolors are so bright it didn't matter."

The exterior northern façade of the Royal Exhibition Building was bathed in colour for one night only as part of the Gala Dinner held at the Melbourne Museum. The brief was to provide a fixed colour wash to the building and Resolution X did not hesitate to use CityColors to successfully achieve this requirement. Six CityColors were used along with eighty Par 64s.

"The CityColors were great although, as it was a fixed colour wash, we were only utilising their brightness rather than their colour changing ability," said Tim. "We had a very limited set up time with no ability to set up the night before. Consequently we had to have as few fixtures as possible so that we could focus them quickly once it got dark but before guests arrived. The CityColors provided that really well and also had the added benefit of being waterproof. The output of the CityColors was fantastic as was the width of coverage they provided."

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