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Fotografías del Paseo Santa Lucía

Built over the bed of the old spring named “Ojos de Santa Lucia”, where Don Diego de Montemayor founded the City more than 400 years ago, this river-walk represents a real pleasure for the whole family.

The SANTA LUCIA RIVER WALK, MONTERREY, MEXICO is the largest man-made river walk in the world. The $300 million Santa Lucia River Walk stretches for 1.6 miles (2.5 kilometers) from the Macroplaza downtown (the second largest plaza in the world) to Fundidora Park, a business center and former steel mill. It was designed taking as model the River Walk of San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Close to 1000 LED AQUA color changing fixtures http://articulight.com/led/LEDAQUASERIES/index.html as well as other lighting fixtures, controllers and accessories have been already used in the first stage of the project. The LED AQUAs are used extensively throughout the SANTA LUCIA RIVER WALK primarily underwater. The project has had a few stages and was launched in September 2007 by Mexico's President Calderon. Future expansion is in the planning. Since its opening it has become a very popular destination for local residents and tourists alike.  Guided boats take people from one end to another and there are restaurants along the “river walk”, similar in style to San Antonio, Texas, a few hundred miles to the North.

Some technical data on the river walk: it Is a navigable artificial channel of 2,5 km.  Has 1,20 meters of depth.  Its capacity is of 44 thousand cubic meters of water.  It connects the Terrace of the Heroes with the Park Foundry.  It has 22 water sources.  It has boats that can travel through themselves without crossing a street. Has cultural areas and commercial localities.  It was rushed to open because of the Universal Forum of the Cultures Monterrey 2007. 

All the states of the Mexican Republic participated in the Campaign The 13 Wonders of Mexico promoted by Aztec TV.  The period of voting was carried out from July 17 to September 24, 2007 and the winners were announced on September 25, 2007.  This campaign sought to show the most amazing places of Mexico's national territory, and to reaffirm the values of identity that characterize them as Mexicans. SANTA LUCIA RIVER WALK, MONTERREY, MEXICO was chosen as one of Mexico's 13 Wonders. 








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