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Gulf Cup, QATAR


60 CityColor 1800

258 MiniCity 150

Last December the 17th edition of the prestigious Gulf Cup was held in Qatar, an event dedicated to sport which unites eight nations of the Middle East including, other than the host nation, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, the Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

To add prestige to a sumptuous ceremony rich with fascination was a set of projectors manufactured by Studio Due which flooded the ultra modern Doha stadium with multi colored lighting.

The numbers are as staggering as the final result: 60 1800 watt CityColor architectural projectors and 258 of their smaller version, the MiniCity series, were used to illuminate both the play areas and the spectators in the stands. A splendid, new occasion for the architectural series to make a fine display in an event which left its mark on both the public assisting the live show in the stadium and the television audience.

Four disciplines football, basketball, volleyball and handball to celebrate the sporting event and in particular in this edition, the return of Iraq to the competition after its exclusion subsequent to the invasion of Kuwait. Moreover, Qatar wanted to do its best to exploit this Middle East sporting event in order to re-launch its candidacy for the 15th edition of the Asiatic Games in 2006.

Sharif Hashisho, Managing Director of Qatar Vision Production Company, was called upon to direct the operations, in view of the previous successes obtained in the sport-show world during 2004. Two thousand people worked at his side on the production, 200 audio, video and lighting technicians, 1300 volunteers and a staff of more than 500 on the organizing committee. Once again a considerable amount of people who proved themselves capable of managing the situation and rendering a much waited for event unique.

Unity, stability, prosperity and liberty: this was the wish for the future for the entire Arab world underlined during the ceremony with the choreography of hundreds of children, illuminated, not only by the power and the infinite color combinations of the Citycolor and the MiniCity projectors, but also by the warm, suggestive light of almost 200 candles. It was not by chance that the star of the show was Kazem al-Saher, the most famous and appreciated Iraqi singer. Divided into four parts the welcome, a tribute to sport and finally the presentation of the teams and the welcome back to Iraq culminating in a large heart formed by the children on the field the ceremony of this edition of the Gulf Cup has been unanimously considered the best ever seen and is already thinking ahead to the next important opportunities of world caliber.

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