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Melbourne's new Museum has embarked on a five year project to reflect the inside of the museum on to the outside of the magnificent Royal Exhibition Building, a potentially heritage-listed building, in a colourful and lively manner

The tender for this project went out to a number of different companies including Lightmoves and
the design ideas submitted by Lightmoves, in partnership with Vision Design and Classical Electrical, were chosen.

"We were given a fixed dollar value that was not particularly large!" said Braham Ciddor, Managing Director of Lightmoves P/L. "So between our three companies we elected to provide sponsorship as part of our package. That was provided in the form of labour for commissioning, programming and ongoing maintenance. That way we managed to free up enough money to provide equipment that was really going to make an impact.

"One advantage we had was the fact that we had already supplied the entire lighting control for the museum and this new project had to interface with that system, so we were able to seamlessly interface the two systems."


The team decided that, with such a distinguished classic building to look at, the best results would be obtained from a dramatic colour wash. Gobo projection representing images from inside the museum was the next priority.
Once their design concepts were accepted by the museum, the team had nine weeks to produce the finished product.

"We did a thorough assessment of all the available lighting fixtures on the market and eventually decided that the CityColor 1800 gave the best value and the coverage that we needed," said Braham. "For the projection work we found the Goldenscan HPE gave us again the best value in regard to light output, number of gobos and quality of projected image. They are also easy to maintain over a long period."

The show runs every night on a fifteen minute cycle, four minutes of show time with a static period in between, with the CityColors providing colour washes. Every three months the show changes with special events such as Christmas and Australia Day celebrated with a variety of gobos.

"The show was programmed on Martin Light Jockey utilising it's ability to start the audio track and thus lock the lighting to the audio site," said Braham. "Due to time restrictions and inclement weather conditions the Visualiser, that is part of LightJockey, was extremely useful for pre-plotting the show off."

Lightmoves's Technical Director Andrew Sherar programmed the majority of the time cues, gobos and positioning in the factory warehouse. That way we only had to spend about a week on site adjusting focus and positioning. Had we not used LightJockey it would have taken a lot longer."

Seven CityColors and four Goldenscan HPEs are used on the project. The Goldenscan HPE's are positioned high on poles with custom-made enclosures protecting them from the elements. The CityColors are positioned on the ground with custom-made concrete enclosures protecting them.

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