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The Sydney 2003 Festival was opened in spectacular style by Sticky a large-scale outdoor spectacular involving fireworks, a 100-foot tower, miles of sticky tape and CityColors and CityBeams.Staged by UK's Improbable Theatre, Sticky played to sold out audiences at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt venue.

Using a crane, people and a whole lot of sticky tape, Sticky begins with the creation of a spider's web, an enormous spider, and the walls of a tower - before the building dissolves in an explosion of fireworks.


"As darkness falls, an expectant silence is gently ripped by a symphonic crackle of static as roll after roll of sticky tape is pulled and twisted out from the shadows - drawing lines of light that cut the space and quiver in the air. High above, a winged figure treads the sky, falters, and then falls, into a heaving carcass of translucent spidery limbs. A huge structure is wrenched upwards from out of the ground, forged with fire, machinery and smoke.

Hundreds of sparklers burst into life as it transforms before our eyes into a beautiful tower of filigree pinnacles and leaf veined windows, shimmering with fireworks against the backdrop of the night sky."As well as some par cans four CityColors and two CityBeams were used to light the structure as it was formed. Damien Oxley of Chameleon Touring Systems described the fixtures as ideal for such a performance as their sealed units prevented embers entering the fixture!

4 x CityColors
2 x CityBeams

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