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CITYCOLOR™ Colors Landmark Building

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The CITYCOLOR 2500™ is a major development and continuation based on the highly successful industry standard patented CITYCOLOR 1800™. The market requirements for more powerful and long lamp life CITYCOLOR™ have led to a lengthy and intensive research and development process resulting in the greatly enhanced CITYCOLOR 2500™. The CITYCOLOR 2500™ shares many of the features of its predecessor, the CITYCOLOR 1800™, but with some major improvements and technical innovations:

  1. A new HMD2500w metal halide bulb developed in cooperation with OSRAM boasting 260,000 lumens, 6,000 degrees Kelvin color temperature, 104 lumens per watt and 2,000 hour average battery life- a long service life. In addition, the HMD 2500 bulb is characterized by a hot restrike ability and is a double ended bulb. The special ceramic bases with cable enable simple mounting while maintaining precise adjustment in optical systems.

  2. Light output is significantly increased by 50% and light coverage is uniform throughout thanks to the newly introduced HMD2500 bulb and improvements in the optical system.

  3. Greatly improved photometrics i.e. 9,800 lux at 5 meters distance.

  4. Improved housing and components for greater reliability and higher durability.

  5. Much higher IP rating, now IP 54 allowing it to withstand severe weather and other natural effects suck as dust and humidity.

  6. Lamp timer and fixture timer for easy maintenance and rentals.

  7. Highly competitive prices reflecting CITYCOLOR'S™ strong market position and worldwide accepted popularity

  8. Two models are available:
    Model 0003 CITYCOLOR™ IP 54 2500w
    Model 0006 CITYCOLOR™ IP 54 Touring 2500w with separate ballast


Control Protocol DMX 512 industry standard
DMX Channels 6 DMX 512
Ch 1: Motors Speed
Ch 2: Cyan
Ch 3: Yellow
Ch 4: Magenta
Ch 5: Dimmer
Ch 6: Base Colors Plus Rainbow
Ch 7: Local Reset/Lamp Off
Power Supply (Magnetic ballast)
Rated Voltage: 230vac
Rated Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Rated Current: 14A
Rated Power: 3000w
Color Change CYM, subtractive color mixing with dichroic filters
Dimensions W X D X H: 90 X 60 X 76cm (packing box)
Weight 67 Kgs (net)
Dimmer Mechanical dimmer 0-100%
Modes of Control and Operation 1. Stand alone with 15 built-in preset programs for plug and run
2. Master/slave for full synchronization
3. Remote controlled 
Effects Color change, dimming, crossfade, blackout and shuttering. The color changer can be run with four different speeds or in real time 
Motors High quality stepper motors for maximum performance, reliability and durability
Cooling System Highly improved system incorporating fans, convection and fins for maximum cooling and ventilation
Accessories Same as CITYCOLOR 1800™: Barndoors

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