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The KALEIDO™ model GR0410 is a new color changing floodlighting luminaire. This compact fixture combines a smart CYM subtractive color mixing system giving the smoothest color change with a new patented wide angle optical system to achieve an almost unlimited range of color and mood creation. KALEIDO™ provides even and uniform color coverage making it a class leader. Its weatherproof housing is rated IP 44, which means that it protects against ingress of water from any direction as well as withstanding access to dust particles larger than 1 mm. KALEIDO™ is the one to watch, the cost effective one to be specified, the new rising star among the architectural color changers.

Some additional important features which make the KALEIDO™ even more attractive include the following: standby function on blackout for lamp life extension, built-in power saving system, muti unit synchronization via master/slave option, linear 0 to 100% dimmer, strobe effect and easy lamp replacement.

Based primarily on the design of the highly successful KOLORADO®, the KALEIDO™ is a more compact, lower wattage version that packs in it all the great advantages of its older brother- optically, mechanically, electronically and electrically- resulting in a winning luminaire, ready to illuminate the new millennium.

The KALEIDO™ was designed for architectural, entertainment, display and landscape lighting applications and can be used outdoor or indoor. An additional mounting bracket allows the luminaire to be mounted in any position for any installation requirement. The quiet operation of the KALEIDO™ allows its use in such critical applications as television studios, theaters and civic halls as well as innumerable outdoor applications.

This extremely versatile unit is truly the most efficient lighting tool for the millennium. The KALEIDO™ uses the newly introduced MSD 575 lamp with 6000°K color temperature, 49,000 lumens, GX 9.5 base and 2,000 hour, making it suitable for projection of floodlighting large areas with high luminous output.

Color changes are totally seamless and repeatable due to the unique design and arrangement of the dichroic color filtering system. Output is impressive both in coverage and intensity. Unprecedented luminosity comes from a projector of this type for a truly powerful beam over very long distances. Thanks to the special lamp optics and components engineering, we've managed to pack a host of high performance features in a compact and lightweight housing.
Electronically controlled mechanical linear dimmer is designed for complete regulation of the luminous output from 0 to 100%. An optional 4 leaf barndoor adds to the user's control over the beamspread on particular surfaces or adds to the control available over overlapping beams when multiple projectors are being used.


Housing Aluminum and galvanized steel body; Scratch resistant polyurethane black finish; Indoor and outdoor use (IP44)
Optic Group New optical system with planar mirrors (patented)
Color Changing System 3 independent colors (CYM) system for a smart dichroic filter superimposition and an almost infinite variety of color production
Strobe Adjustable strobe speed
Dimmer DMX 0/100% smooth and linear mechanical dimmer
Control Standard DMX, manual and automatic operation; Synchro function; Master/Slave option
Standby Function 33% less power consumption and lamp life extension on black out
Cooling Built-in noiseless cooling system for an automatic forced ventilation and a quiet operation
Lamp Life Meter Yes, great for rental and maintenance needs
Unit Operating Meter Yes, great for rental and maintenance needs
Control Display DMX channels display; ON/OFF options indication, lamp life meter; user meter; master/slave unit indication; dimmer and lamp ON/OFF separate setting; test mode
Beam Angle Very wide, producing a square image in a very high ratio of 1 (distance) to 1.1 X 1.1 (coverage)
Operating Position Any
Mounting Position Any. Can be mounted from ceiling, truss, floor or wall
Installation Designed for mobile, temporary or permanent use
Standard Projector, bulb, mounting bracket
Channels 5 DMX
Ch 1: Lamp on-off
Ch 2: Dimmer, blackout, strobe, standby
Ch 3: Yellow
Ch 4: Cyan
Ch 5: Magenta
Maximum Effective Projection Distance 10M (33 ft)
Preset Programs 8, selectable
Operating Control Stand-alone, master/slave (synchronization), remotely controlled
Operating Voltage 230V; 50-60Hz; 3,5A; 800 VA
110V is available at additional cost. In 110V version ballast/transformer are external
Max Working Temperature 130°C
Max Ambient Temperature 50°C
Weight 24kg
Size 490 X 365 X 535 mm
490 X 500 X 535 mm with 4-leaf barndoor
Accessories LP0997 lamp MSD575W (average life 2,000 hours)
GR0412 4-leaf barndoor

(MSD 575W lamp)

10mt 11 X 11mt
5mt 5, 5 X 5, 5mt
2, 5mt 2, 75 X 2, 75mt
RATIO: 1 1.1 X 1.1

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