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KOLORJET is an immensely powerful outdoor colour changer with weatherproofing to a certified IP44 rating. This far advanced unit uses a Xenon 4000W lamp for an extraordinary light output which should fulfil the most demanding applications in the architectural lighting field. The power of the lamp is enhanced by the performance of the nickel rhodium plated reflector and the CYM colour mixing system creates an almost unlimited variety of hues. These features make KOLORJET ideal for such applications as concert touring, skyscraper highlighting and movie sets, where the quality and power of a flicker free XENON lamp are required. An electronic zoom varies the beam size, yet another feature for a unit already packed with technology and with a wide range of capabilities, and designed for absolute reliability. On board or remote DMX512 control gives instant access to all functions, including colour mixing, frost soft edge effect, black out, strobe and stand by (reducing power and lamp consumption). Pre-programmed automatic colour sequences are also selectable and the master/slave option allows multiple units to be operated in synchrony.


Code: GR0402
Lamp: XBO 4000 W
Base: SFAX 30-9,5/ SFA 30-8
Body: Aluminium and galvanised steel body
Nett weight: 62 Kg
Ballast weight: 60 kg
Control signal and number of channels: DMX 6 + 1 CH
Stand by: Power and lamp consumption reduction
Dimmer/Shutter: Mechanical 0-100%
Colour mixing: Cyan,Yellow,Magenta
Max ambient temperature: 50 C
Max working temperature: 200 C
Mains power supply: 220V three-phase - 17 A, 380V three-phase - 9 A
Dimensions: 680x715x1375 mm

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