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The success, on a worldwide scale, of outdoor color changer units and the growing interest from the developing architectural lighting sector persuaded us to develop and create a new projector for long throw applications.
KOLORSTREAM was the result, and uses an HMI 2500W lamp (G38 base) and a nickel rhodium plated high reflectivity optical system with a variable angle (12 to 33) high brightness beam, with the ability to highlight buildings up to 150m high.

CYM subtractive color mixing gives many spectacular color hues, and the remote ballast unit, separable by up to 20m, makes the projector lighter and simpler to install and transport.

Eight factory programmed inbuilt color sequences can be selected and scene change duration set via on board control, for stand alone operation, and multiple units can be synchronized via the master/slave function.
All functions can alternatively be controlled from standard DMX 512.
The aluminum and galvanized steel body is weatherproofed to certified IP44 rating and coated with black epoxy paint.

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Code: GR0418
Lamp: HMI 2500W
Base: G 38
Body: Aluminium and galvanised steel body
Nett weight: 31 kg
Ballast weight: 30,5 kg
Control signal and number of channels: DMX 5+1 CH
Stand by: Power and lamp consumption reduction
Dimmer/Shutter: Mechanical 0-100%
Colour mixing: Cyan, Yellov, Magenta
Max ambient temperature: 50 C
Max working temperature: 200 C
Mains power supply: 230V, 50/60Hz, 15 A
Dimensions: 668x614x777 mm

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