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Compact Architectural Color Changer

The MINICITY™ model 9902 is a newly developed color changing spotlighting projector. It has been created for architectural, display and landscape lighting applications. The optical system covered by a patent, uses a single but highly efficient CYM color mixing with dichroic color filters allowing a progressive and gradual coloring of the entire light beam, which can therefore reach endless shades and color saturations. The MINICITY™ has been designed to work outdoors as well as indoors. Because of its cost effectiveness, in comparison to other outdoor luminaries such as PARs, it's an excellent choice with the added versatility, intelligence and superior performance.The use of our DMX recorder Easy Control (model 3003) can be very helpful because it allows you to store a series of programs that can be designed on purpose for any specific application. For professional uses such as special events, stages and theatres the MINICITY™ can be controlled in DMX and all its potential can be better exploited. Because the MINICITY™ is a spotlight rather than a floodlight, many creative opportunities exist in creating dramatic and aesthetic 'looks' such as downlighting, highlighting and accentuating.


Lamp Mastercolor CDM 150-T 150W/942, 9,000 hour, 4200K color temperature, 13,500 lumens, G12 base single ended, UV shielded
Beam Angle 15 (50% intensity)
Color System Full CYM color mixing unlimited variety of colors and shades
High resolution stepper motors
Color crossfades can be programmed at four speeds or in real time
Control Input System USITT DMX 512 protocol
Optoisolated input
Stand-alone control
Auto mode function master/slave
IP Rate IP 55 fully weatherized against water and dust
Power Supply 230VAC 50/60hz 1.1A 250VA rated power
DMX Channels Ch 1: Motor speed
Ch 2: Cyan (continuously variable)
Ch 3: Yellow (continuously variable)
Ch 4: Magenta (continuously variable)
Ch 5: Aux, special functions
Ch 6: Basic color 
Mounting Positions Any. Can be directly installed to the ground or on a wall, a ceiling or a roof in any direction: uplight, downlight, projection, etc.
Weight 19.8 lbs (9 kgs)
Housing Sheet metal and extruded aluminum
Finish Black or White (other colors available at additional cost)
Projection Distance Up to 50 ft (15 m)
Cooling Very clever ventilation system keeps the luminaire cool without the need to use fans
Ambient Temperatures (Outside) 20-50C
Working Temperature (Inside fixture) Up to 200C
Color Changing System Subtractive color mixing consisting of cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters producing limitless pure and vivid colors
Motors High quality stepper motors produce silky smooth movement
Electronics Highly sophisticated electronic design results in repeatable, precise and reliable operation
Optical System Based on a highly innovative design incorporating lamp, lensing and filtering system resulting in high light output, even light distribution and sharp beam
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