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Pantheon CYM 400 and Pantheon CYM 400 OS fit in the middle of the IP65 colour mixing product range, with a 400watt HQI-TS 6000 hour metal halide lamp. As with the other IP65 products, Pantheon can be used at any angle and mounted in any position, and has a soft edge 55° beam with an even colour coverage. Pantheonís high IP rating of IP65 (against water and dust ingress) means that installation is possible in nearly any exterior environment.

The colour mixing system uses cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters to create a wonderful variety of almost unlimited colours. A choice of colour sequences can be selected from a pre-programmed internal controller, for stand alone use, and multiple units can be synchronised in this mode.

A version of the Pantheon - Pantheon HFT- is available fitted with a wireless DMX receiver, for trouble free control of large or otherwise awkward installations where the running of DMX signal cable from the control system to the projector could be problematic. This system requires the use of our wireless DMX transmitter.

400W, 28000 lm, 5600°K
Metal halide lamp HQI-TS 400/D
Average rated life 6000 hours
FC 2 ceramic base.

Pressure diecast aluminium body, with an adjustable mounting yoke. Scratch resistant textured polyester grey finish, which protects against UV deterioration and general corrosion.
Front tempered glass shock resistant.
Certified IP65 weather protection
Electrical class: I.
Shock resistance: 008J.
Maximum ambient temperature: 35°C.
Maximum operational temperature: 90°C.
Product in compliance with CEI EN 60598-1 and CEI EN 60598-2-5.

Power Supply
230V, 50Hz, 2.5 Amp
Thermal protection.
IP65 certified termination box for the entry of both the 220-240V power supply cables and the DMX signal cables.

Optical Group
Patented optical system with grouped planar mirrors, producing a beam of approximately 58° with soft edge and even lighting coverage.

Colour Changing System
CYM colour changer system operated by high precision step motors, whereby the mixing of cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters can create virtually any desired colour.

Internal controller with a choice of eight pre-programmed colour change sequences, any of which can be easily selected from a rear mounted dip switch control panel. Master/slave option for multi unit synchronisation. The dedicated IP65 CYM controller gives full remote programmed control, or any DMX 512 controller can be linked - three channels of DMX per projector.

An internal axial fan 80x80 mm keeps the level of heat within the unit constant and helps dissipation through the metal body, which assists lamp life and protects internal components and reflectors from heat damage.


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