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The WALLCOLOR™ is a newly developed state-of-the-art color changing floodlight/spotlight luminaire designed for short  to medium throw applications. Infinite color generation system is based on a smooth dichroic subtractive CYM color mixing. The WALLCOLOR™ produces continuous color change, cross fading and blackout all at varying speeds. Three operating modes are available: 1. Stand alone with preset factory programmed ‘looks’ for quick plug and play applications 2. Master/Slave with preset factory programmed ‘looks’ with complete synchronization 3. Remote controlled via DMX 512 communication protocol, allowing for a greater creative expression. All functions are controlled via 4 DMX 512 channels.

When higher brightness and higher color temperature are called for, the WALLCOLOR 250™ is recommended. However, when  long lamp life, lower wattage and more cost effective lamps are required, the WALLCOLOR 150™ is the clear choice.

The WALLCOLOR™ uses highly innovative high quality optical, mechanical and electronic systems resulting in extremely high light output, even beam distribution, very saturated colors and silky smooth color change, cross fade and blackout. Utilizing the highly popular cutting edge metal halide lamp sources –either MSD 250 or CDM 150- ensures high light output, consistent color temperature throughout lamp life and long life thus saving on energy and maintenance costs.

The WALLCOLOR™ was designed specifically for the architectural and landscape lighting markets as a new lighting medium, enhancing the aesthetics of any site and adding an element of drama to any environment. Because the fixture is extremely compact and lightweight it can be easily hidden from view. Alternatively, the stunning avant-garde design of the exterior housing of the WALLCOLOR™ can become a design statement by itself or as part of the architecture.

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The WALLCOLOR™ offers a variety of beam spreads from flood to very narrow to fit your specific requirements whether you want to flood a building or highlight it. Designed and built for outdoor applications, it is fully water and weather proofed with IP65 protection approval for safety and security.

The overall clever design, skilled workmanship and high grade components make the WALLCOLOR™ extremely reliable and durable for years of virtually maintenance free operation. The WALLCOLOR™ is brought to market in a ground breaking, highly competitive price enabling the use of multiple luminaries without burning a hole in your pocket. The optional barn doors and universal mounting positioning help in meeting a major challenge for designers to minimize, if not to eliminate, "light spill" or "light pollution", the urban glow that bothers astronomers and amateur star gazers.



Models WALLCOLOR 150™ model PF09003
WALLCOLOR 250™ model PF09003/A
Motors 3 high quality stepper motors with extremely high precision
Electrical Requirements 230V/50/60 Hz (or other voltages on request at additional cost, 110V model PF09003/110)
Channels 4 DMX
Ch 1: Cyan
Ch 2: Yellow
Ch 3: Magenta
Ch 4: Special function
Cooling No fans. Highly innovative convection cooling system results in a cool fixture and quiet operation
Dimensions 440 X 390 X 310 mm (17.32" X 15.35" X 12.20") Very compact design, can be hidden easily.
Weight 14 kgs (30.8 lbs), very lightweight
Lamps -MSD 250W with 8100K, 17,000 lumens, 2,000 hr, G12 base, any burning position, 75 CRI. Or an equivalent lamp
-CDM 150W with 4200K, 13,000 lumens, 9,000 hr, G12 base, any burning position, 85 CRI. Or an equivalent lamp
Working Temperatures Up to 225C
Ambient Temperatures Ranging from -25C to 50C which means it can work in Alaska in the coldest winter and in Saudi Arabia in the hottest summer
Aperature Angle Flood 60 [other beam angles wide spot (30) and narrow spot (10) are optional]
Safety IP65 rated (a superior rating in test against ingress of water and dust particles). Outdoor/Indoor applications. Fully weatherized. Designed and built to withstand extreme temperatures. Fully sealed.
Housing Extruded and die cast aluminum with high grade components for durability and reliability
Finish Black (other colors available at additional cost)
Mounting Any orientation
Electronics High tech, fully protected made of high quality components for smooth, reliable, durable and uninterrupted operation
Power Consumption 4.1 amps at 230/240V
Optics Designed to deliver bright sharp beam using highly polished, quality made lensing and reflector system working flawlessly with the lamping assembly for maximum light output and even distribution. The dichroic filtering system is of the highest quality producing only the desired colors
Dip Switches Yes
Connectors Yes
Cables Yes
Controller Optional, any DMX 512 controller
Laptop Programming Yes
Preset Programs 7 modes with 255 options
Installation Designed for mobile, temporary or permanent use
Standard Projector, bulb, mounting bracket, washlight lens
Optional Accessories Barn doors model PF09011
Spot Effect Adapter from 10-30 model PF09016

MSD 250
(CDM-150 reduced by 25%)

Luminous Flux (Center Beam)

DISTANCE (meter) 60 30 10
1 10,340 --- ---
2 2,580 15,480 26,310
3 1,090 6,540 11,120
4 640 3,840 6,530
5 410 2,460 4,180
6 265 1,710 2,900
7 210 1,260 2,140
8 165 990 1,680
9 125 750 1,275
10 105 630 1,070
11 --- 550 860
12 --- 350 600
13 --- 335 570
14 --- 315 535
15 --- 285 485
16 --- 245 415
17 --- 220 375
18 --- 190 320
19 --- 175 297
20 --- 155 260


Beam Angle Projection Distance: Beam Diameter
60 1: 1
30 2: 1
10 6: 1


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