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nsi, MLC128R, DMX CONTROLLER, lighting controller

The MLC 128R lighting control console is extraordinary, delivering powerful design tools to help you develop everything from simple shows to exciting elaborate events. With the MLC 128R's pre-established library of lighting fixtures, you can simply and quickly control up to 128 of the latest and most powerful intelligent devices. Show design  is a snap with the ingeniously organized front panel that addresses your need for programming flexibility. And the unit provides as many as 1,024 user-programmable scenes to handle any lighting challenge.


Take creative command of your intelligent lighting presentation with the fully programmable, rack mount MLC 128R control system.  


* Up to 1,024 scenes. A scene is a static stage look which is recorded into memory for later recall * 256 patterns, each with up to 13,913 small steps, or 665 large steps. A pattern is a series of scenes linked together, played back in a timed sequence or repetition. * Stores 256 shows containing up to 24 patterns. A show is a series of linked patterns, which can be used  as building blocks to create elaborate stage effects. * Up to 64 group assignments. A group is a number of devices, all control in unison.
* An Extensive Memory Capacity that Provides up to 256 Device Patterns and 256 Shows
* Pre-focus Memories that Provide Fast Standard Show Set-up Times with Minimal Editing
* On-board Library of Popular Intelligent Lighting Device Definitions * Control of Similar Traits in Multiple Devices
* Lighting Device Editing, Adding and Deleting Capabilities, as well as Alphanumeric Naming for Identification of all Devices, Traits and Indexed Positions
* Control of Similar Traits in Multiple Devices
* Two-line by 40-character backlit, adjustable contrast LCD Display * Fade times from .1 seconds to 59 minutes, 59.9 seconds. * Controls up to 128 Individual Intelligent Devices
* 512 DMX Control Channels 

* 128 Microplex control channels


* Device focus edit feature simplifies setup of pre-programmed shows for playback in different venues * A large library of popular fixture definitions pre-loaded. Additional definitions may be downloaded from the device definition disk included, or from web site. * Lighting device definition creation and editing capabilities, as well as alphanumeric naming for identification of all devices, traits and indexed positions. * Group function allows control of similar traits in multiple devices. * Four encoder wheel for precise selection and easy modification of device trait information. * Joystick provides real time pan and tilt control. * RS-232 port enables mouse, trackball and PC interface. * Front and rear panel access to RS-232 port allows easy connection to laptop or PC for show storage and device definition downloads. * MIDI activation of any of the scenes , patterns or shows programmed in the MLC 128R. * Audio synchronization for triggering from a remote line-level audio source, such as a compact disc player or audio mixing console. * ASCII offline editor enables use of a simple word processor to create shows, device definitions and programs. * device traits are displayed as words, rather than numeric values, for ease of operation. * Blind and go functions allow modifications to devices and groups to be made without affecting current stage look until the user chooses to activate the changes.


* MIDI In/Out/Through 95 pin DIN) * DMX512 (3 pin XLR female)

* Microplex (3 pin XLR male and female) * RS232 (9 pin D-sub/DB9 male) * Audio In (RCA type female)


Dimensions: Width: 18.90" (482 mm); Height: 6.95" (177 mm); Depth: 2.25" (87 mm) Weight: 17.90 lbs (8.1 kgs)  


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