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PC-DMX controller
- 1024 DMX channels out
- 512 DMX channels in
- Interface connected USB 1.0 port of PC
- Graphical Windows 98/ME/2000/XP software


  • First USB-DMX512 interface worldwide that provides 1024 output channels and 512 input channels!
  • 1024 output channels on two universes and 512 input channels. 2 x 3 pin Neutrik XLR outputs and one 3 pin Neutrik XLR input.
  • The DMX interface is connected to the USB 1.0 plug and play port of the computer and uses no external power supply.
  • Professional metall housing with anodized surface and laser print. No cheap plastic box!
  • Neutrik quality connectors (XLR)
  • The DMXCreator1024 set includes: DMX512-Interface box, USB cable and DMXCreator software and panels on CD



One software, three interfaces. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the DMXCreator512Basic (USB-port), DMXCreator512MK2 (LPT-port) or the DMXCreator1024 (USB-port)
Free lifetime software upgrades. Online 24 hours for download from the homepage.

Large fixture library (more than 400 fixtures) that will be constantly updated.

The DMXCreator software controls any fixture that has a DMX512 port. Each fixture can occupy up to 32 DMX channels.
The "Visual Emulator" creates a 3D view of your light show, even if no real fixtures are connected. The colored moving beams of the fixtures gives you the possibility to preprogram your show. Place environmental objects like truss, stages, DJ booths speaker boxes and many more. Import possiblity for 3DS files
Create tilt-waves, color sweeps, fans, random positions and other incredible effects for same type of fixtures just within seconds using the new "Effects Generator"
Multiple routing possibilities of DMX input to output. Record feature for data on DMX input
You can use bitmap pictures to represent the building or stage layout onto the fixture icons can be placed. Each fixture can have a name assigned such as "downstage left Cyberlight"
The library of fixture panels can be extended individually. The user is able to create, edit or download panels.
Sequence steps can get their trigger steps from the internal clock, a tap beat knob, internal master time track, external sound source or MIDI show control
Each show can have up to 256 sequences, where each sequence can contain up to 16384 scenes. The quantity of Show files is unlimited
Memorizing of the main scanner's beam targets and focus for fast adaptation of ready shows to any new location. It's easy to use a new fixture in a previously programmed show due to the copy and paste, save and load (scene, sequence, fixture scene, fixture sequence) features
The final show can be remote controlled via the PC Midi input

1. Full control: Patch/Program change sets the desired Sequence (0-127), note on selects the scene within the sequence (0-127).
2. Sequence control: Patch/Program change or note on selects the sequence (0-127) and is running with the preprogrammed tempo mode and speed.

Midi start/stop commands are supported for start and stop of sequence.

The "Multi Sequence Player" allows the user to play up to 16 different sequences simultaneously
Cue list for fast access to predefined "Multi Sequence" combinations (Cues)
The "Track Editor" allows the user to display and manipulate the path of a scan beam. The "Sewing Machine" mode allows creating new scenes as points marked on this path
Traditional light software options - Pan/Tilt swapping and reverse, 8 and 16-bit pan/tilt control
Different crossfade modes generate smooth movement between scenes. It's possible to adjust any DMX-value, scene time and fade time directly in a graphical bar window
You can override fixtures to manual control (master mode) at any time for instance to use as follow spot
Each fixture has its own "Fixture Control panel" including color buttons, faders, pan/tilt panels, Gobo picture buttons and CMY color picker
Play List feature for multimedian shows includes playing of Windows media files like mp3, wav, mov and running synchronized lighting sequences at the same time.
Create fixture groups for faster access multiple fixtures
Supported OS:
  • DMXCreator1024 interface (USB port): Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

Minimum system requirements of the computer:

  • IBM or compatible PC with Pentium processor 300Mhz
  • 32MB Ram
  • 10MB free harddisk space
  • Screen resolution 800x600, 16 colors
  • Mouse or Trackball or Touchscreen
  • One free USB port for DMXCreator1024

For optimal performance we suggest:
  • IBM or compatible PC with Pentium processor PIII 500Mhz or faster

  • 64MB or more Ram

  • Sound Blaster compatible soundcard (for audio trigger) with midi interface

  • Screen resolution 1024x768, 64k colors



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