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Four Automatically Rotating Images


The ROTO GOBO™ model RG-250TB is a newly developed luminaire which projects four images that rotate and change automatically. Just what the market demands, the ROTO GOBO™ is the perfect solution for P-O-P advertising, brand enhancement, visual merchandising as well as exhibit and entertainment applications.

The ROTO GOBO™ was specifically designed to attract attention, to entertain and to excite leading to consumer’s good will, enhanced image and sales increase. It uses a unique patented mechanical process that ensures long product life. The ROTO GOBO™ also utilizes an advanced optical design, resulting in high light output and crisp, sharp images. Once the gobos (or colors) are inserted, it’s a plug and play projector capable of continuous automatic operation that is highly desirable in retail.

Coloration is possible by inserting a dichroic filter over each image for total of 4 colors. The ROTO GOBO™ can project on any surface i.e. walls, floors, ceilings, scrims and screens at any angle, making it highly versatile. The projected images can be logos, text, geometric patterns, insignia, photos and any other type of image.


Lamp: 250W/24V, 2,000 hours, 11,000 lumens, 3400K color temperature, G6.35 base or other EVC or EHJ bulbs.
Power: 300W
Electrical: 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
Fuse: 5A for 120v or 3.15A for 230V.
Relamping: Easy access door for relamping.
Projection: Recommended distance up to 20 ft. (6M)
Focus: Adjustable
Creative Media: Metal, Glass or Dichroic gobo
Gobo: OD: 37mm ID: 25.4mm Thickness: 0.15mm
Rotation: At a medium speed, clockwise
Interval: Every 12 seconds, automatically
Motors: High quality gear motors
Mounting: Universal
Dimensions: 11.8 x 6” x 6”
Weight: 13.2 lbs. (6 kgs.)
Cooling: Fan Cooled
Housing: Extruded aluminum
Finish: Black
Safety: Meets and exceeds all standard international safety requirements. CE approved.
Standard: Projector, bulb, hanging bracket, cable and plug.
Image Size: at 5 ft.(1.65), it’s 2.5ft.(0.8m), at 10 ft.(3.3m), it’s 5ft.(1.65), at 15 ft.(5m), it’s 7.5ft.(2.5m), at 20ft.(6.6m), it’s 10 ft.(3.3m)
Optional: Gobos and dichroic filters.
Projection Ratio: 2:1

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