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The Articulight Graphic Projectors are a new generation of projection Luminaries similar to slide projectors but with many more advanced features making them a very useful tool in many applications in the P-0-P, retail, visual merchandising, entertainment, advertising, architectural lighting markets. Articulight extensive product line is tailored to fit any of your visual applications, In a time when attention spans are shrinking to new lows, retailers and manufacturers continue to search for ways to make their messages pop up to consumers. Articulight Graphic Projectors can help retailers and brand marketers succeed in that endeavor by beaming a logo, brand name, message or other patterned image on interior or exterior flat or textures surfaces. The text, image or pattern can be changed quickly and easily with a new creative art work either slide or gobo. It is faster and less expensive than traditional sign making. It can be used together with existing forms of advertising, display and promotional graphics, or it can replace them.

Corporations and franchises are discovering the marketing power of the Articulight Graphic Projectors and how it can save time, cut costs and project a strong image to capture consumer attention. It is the foundation of a new mass-market and P-0-P marketing system that broadens creative options, improves efficiency and lowers overall production cost. Articulight Graphic Projectors can help centralize or decentralize corporate advertising and promotional campaigns. It can create a consistent message at several locations, or can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Just take a look around you and you will see how many unused surfaces there are in your immediate surroundings that could be used for advertising and promotional purposes. Suddenly and intriguingly, the projector shines on those dull ceilings and pillars; walls are transformed into brilliant advertisements. Asphalt and building facades into slide shows. Let you imagination roam and just picture your own concepts, lighting up the scene. With Articulight Graphic Projectors, there are no limits to your creativity. All that's needed now is your imagination.

Articulight offers a wide range of Graphic Projectors to meet various needs and requirements. From a simple static projector through a motion-based projector to a multi image, multi movement, intelligent and programmable projector. Light sources also vary from halogen to HID (metal halide) offering high light output, high color temperatures and long life up to more than I 0,000 hours. Articulight puts a lot of effort into designing optimal optical systems and using high-grade components, which result in sharp and crisp images. To increase the Graphic Projectors' versatility, Articulight offers a wide range of accessories including lenses, gobos, mirrors and dichroic color filters.

For more information on Articulight’s color changers, give us a call today at: (201)796-2690 or send us an email at info@articulight.com.

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