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The ADVERTISERô is a new and extremely affordable image projector. It features a single rotating gobo which operates automatically. It can also work stationery. Just what the market wants, the ADVERTISERôis an ideal solution for visual merchandising, brand enhancement, P-O-P advertising as well as in entertainment, architectural and exhibit applications.

Itís specifically designed to attract attention, to entertain and to excite leading to consumerís good will, enhanced brand image and increase in sales and profits. The ADVERTISERôis a very simple plug and play projector which is capable of continuous automatic operation, highly desired in retail environments. It comes complete with bulb, cable, plug, hanging bracket, and rotating gobo assembly.

Two models are available: model PK-2013 for 250w halogen lamp version and PK-2015 for 150w metal halide lamp version.


LAMPS: - For model PK-2013 250w/24v, halogen: EHJ(50 hours), or EVC/FGX(300 hours), or M36(2000hours); 3200 degrees Kelvin color temperature, 13,000 CD/PC
G6.35 base
- For model PK- 2015 150w, metal halide, Mastercolor CDM150, 4200 degrees Kelvin color temperature, 13,500 lumens, 10,000 hours, G12 base
ELECTRICAL: 110v/60hz or 230v/50hz, 280w maximum 2 DC inlets for additional accessories.
HOUSING: extruded aluminum with formed polymer for beauty and durability
FINISH: black and silver
MOTOR: slow moving DC motor
MOUNTING: universal
SAFETY: meets and exceeds standard international safety requirements. CE approved.
PROJECTION: recommended distance of up to approximately 30 ft (10 meters). Ratio approximately 2:1.
CREATIVE MEDIA: Gobo with outer diameter 52mm and image diameter 36mm. Can be metal, glass or dichroic.
OPTICAL SYSTEM: specially designed optical system consisting of lensing assembly, reflector and lens guides resulting in bright and sharp image. Frontal guides enable improved focusing and zooming.
WEIGHT: 8 kgs (17lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 65x33x26mm (25x13x10 inches) with guiding rodes but without bracket
VENTILATION: Cooling fan

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