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Create good will with aesthetically designed presentations

Create excitement with movement and colors

Command attention with a strong message

Become the center of attention and keep it that way

Win the attention of customers and win their hearts

Keep the attention of your customers

Create interesting motion sequences drawing favorable responses from customers

Use a prism to multiply the image

Generate curiosity with the use of special effects

Entertain your clients

Attract attention instantly

Use x and y mirror movement for end isle achieving greater coverage

Stimulate extra interest

Use it as part of your retail communication
Get your message across, clearly

Use a circular motion mirror to get greater coverage

Enhance your in-store displays

Use counter clock and clockwise motion for the "hook on" effect

Generate more sales

Utilize a linear motion mirror to go up and down the isle

Show people the way with clearly designed icons, insignia and lettering

Movement sells more

Attract new customers

Leave a lasting impression

Improve customers recalls

Increase sales

Add element of newness

Set yourself apart

Create a fun environment

Maximize sales opportunities

Gel potential customers to focus on your promotions

Maximize exposure

Increase revenue

Increase business

Increase traffic

Increase visibility

Use strobing effect mesmerize and keep attention focused

Increase company image

Use the opening and closing of shutter for "hide and seek" effect

Increase product identity

Create flexible non-permanent signage

Draw interest to your advertising message

Inform the public of your location

Create an elegant look

Create an impression of innovation

Create cooperative advertising

Enhance existing environments

Strengthen venue/store identity

Communicate with your customers

Support live presentations

Direct customers to a variety of activities

Create awareness

Create playful images

Create a theme

Highlight an area

Highlight a service

Promote a product, service or event

Highlight a product

Advertise your special offers

Congratulate your patrons

Advertise your latest products

Show the way to various facilities

Sell your projection space to suppliers or sponsors

Be the dominant sponsor of any event

Capture consumer attention

Enhance sponsor's identity

Generate advertising revenues

Inexpensive alternative to other signage

Project logos and graphics anywhere

Change image on the fly

Say it with light

Use together with existing POP advertising, display and promotional graphics

Project on any surface

Keep customer's attention for longer time by incorporating creative elements

Target specific demographics

Convey subtle or bold messages to your customers

Advertise special rates, programs and discounts

Greet your clients in your office lobby

Welcome and inform your customers while they wait on line, i.e, in banks, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.

Decorate hard to use space

Promote special events

Project under escalators

Use projector with multiple brands to maximize results and generate great savings

Direct or route traffic via proper sign , i.e. exit, arrows and etc.

Use it for short term promotions, i.e. P.O.P. holidays, anniversaries, new product launch, etc.

Congratulate the bride and the groom

Project the birthday celebrant photo in your venue, i.e. bowling center, skating rink, FEC, etc.

Project icons, insignia for easier and quicker identification

Use your logo to grab the attention of customers walking by your restaurant, store or place of business

Project as part of a multi-media presentation

Add an element of surprise by hiding the fixture

Animate your products and services in a vivid, and dynamic way, creating an irresistible, eye-catching image perfect for point-of-sale

Place brand names, company logos, or any message precisely where and when you want it to attract the customers attention

Create dynamic and enticing window displays

Produce moving imagery that intrigues

Project in very difficult angles by using mirrors

Project on screens, scrims an non-flat surfaces for interesting and fascinating results

Image sells

Create a consistent message at several locations

Be the first to use the new technology

Keep on keeping your presentations fresh
Project from inside to outside on the sidewalk, walls, etc., to attract shoppers to your place of business

Project on mannequins to add texture and excitement

Project your logo, brand names or any message in or out of your exhibit booth

Use slides (which are very affordable, easy to make and easy to install) for short term use in trade shows, museums, art galleries, entertainment venues, etc.

Communicate good brand presentation

Give strong brand visibility

Simplify your customer's buying process by quickly letting them buy the brand they trust

Reinforce outside media advertising campaigns

In-store communications through Articulight Graphic Projectors give you the power to build, identify and brand the retail environment, making it first on the customer's mind and making shopping easy, exciting and fulfilling to your customers

In-store communications via Articulight Graphic Projectors affords the kind of direct one-on-one impact to gain vast benefits from the information revolution. It reinforms, reminds, motivates and persuades consumers to buy

Communicate your identity in dynamic new ways to your customers

Articulight Graphic Projectors quickly inform and remind customers of who you are and persuade them to buy

Creative graphics that exist not merely to fill-up space but to talk to consumers one-on-one and to make them aware of your products

Inform... Direct... Excite... Recall... Sell!

When customers need to find something in a store, Articulight Graphic Projectors provide direction

When consumers need to learn about a product, Articulight Graphic Projectors offer information

When patrons need a pleasant shopping experience, Articulight Graphic Projectors offer brand reinforcement and decor

Four stages of customer's interaction with Articulight Graphic Projectors

1. Catching the Eye

2. Main message comprehension

3. Persuasion

4. Reinforces brand name recognition

Bright and colorful images: simple layouts have the highest main message readability; and promotional cues such as price, areas, tend to catch the eye

Simple text isn't always the most readable. Plain or unattractive signs are not as thoroughly readable as more attractive signs

Simple unappealing signs get people bored and unengaged because they are not interesting

Aesthetics have something to do with the readability of the sign

An increase of the main message recall from the first to the second exposure correlates pretty well with the appeal factor

Directional/Navigational signs that do not have to be aesthetically appealing have high main message recall. Simplicity of the design gets their attention

The appeal of the design keeps their attention focused.

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