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Aptly named, the model MH-580 is an absolutely new effects projector which employs an idea developed by the Russian government. Light passes through a rotating color wheel and then through a cylinder packed with fine optical fibers.

To create the cylinder, it requires 6.25 miles (10 kms) of fiber optics! The resulting effect is reminiscent of liquid projection effects, creating a seemingly crystalline, pixilated pattern of shifting colors.

The AQUARIUS™ is able to generate a composition of continuously changing luminous beams thus creating images very similar to the fractal images created by computers. The projector can be used in any environment. The AQUARIUS™ is an ideal decorative element which can be made truly unique by the imagination of the lighting designer or user. The projection on 3D objects guarantees a sure visual effect. Its’ compact size makes it ideal for the majority of applications. The combination of effect and lamp is ideal, and incredible brightness is obtained from a low wattage light source. The AQUARIUS™ doesn’t need to be connected to a remote controller. The only adjustments are the rotation speed of the color wheel and the rotation speed of the effect, made possible, thanks to two potentiometers located on the rear of the projector.


The AQUARIUS™ isn’t an ordinary effect among all the other lighting effects. Developed in Russia to calm their cosmonauts, it represents scientific innovation which has much broader applications than initially envisioned. Because the AQUARIUS™ addresses many parameters, it can be used in a multitude of applications. It’s perfectly designed to reduce pressure, nervousness, anxiety and fear. The AQUARIUS™ is soothing, relaxing, comforting and engaging. It’s interactive, entertaining, eye-pleasing and mind relaxing. It’s also brain stimulating, interesting, fun and fulfilling.

The AQUARIUS™ is perfect for retail and architectural purposes, especially when used in shops, shopping malls, entrances to large buildings by creating a living picture on ceilings and walls. In specialty stores from retros to boutiques, it can blend perfectly with the decor adding a new dimension of visual fun and excitement. In showrooms, it’s beautiful on light colored cars and at other kinds of showrooms it is essential where extra attention on 3D objects is needed.

The AQUARIUS™ also can be used as a kinetic art in museums, art galleries, hotels, lobbies and where a new element of expression is required.
In can be used in many entertainment, amusement and leisure venues such as stage performances, night clubs, fitness clubs, bars, restaurants, concerts, amusement and theme parks and FEC/LBE (Family Entertainment Centers / Location Based Entertainment). The AQUARIUS™ has a wonderful effect when projected on the human (or animal) body and can add new dramatic dimension when projected on dancers, actors, performers and singers. Bars, restaurants and other venues which need a special fill up on walls, floors and ceilings will enjoy using the AQUARIUS™ as a decorative element.

Since AQUARIUS™ is relaxing and stimulating, it’s perfect for environments where children are. Just imagine the play area in fast food restaurants, children and toy stores, ice rinks and bowling center party rooms. The AQUARIUS™ has a positive effect on students and teachers alike when used during recess - it can relax and stimulate - resulting in better focus, more involvement and less disruption in class. It’s truly great for all kinds of learning environments.

In the corporate world, placing the AQUARIUS™ in professional lobbies such as lawyer and accountants can ease worries of the client. It can also be used in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms and employees cafeteria to relax and stimulate.

The AQUARIUS™ is great for the medical field. Just imagine using it to reduce anxiety, nervousness and fear. It can be used in hospital waiting rooms, dentists and doctors waiting rooms, recovery rooms in psychiatric hospitals, recovery rooms in nursing homes and psychologists lobbies.


Specially designed 100W/12V GZ 6.35 MR-16 halogen 1,500 hour, 3200ºK color temperature or EFR 150W/12W 50 hour


Extruded aluminum




Fan Cooled


120V, 60Hz or 230V/50Hz maximum 200W power consumption


15 lbs. (7Kgs)


350 X 180 X 240 mm (13.7” X 7” X 9.5”)


Adjustable and can create soft or hard edge looks


Bi-directional motors with clockwise, stop, anticlockwise options


Adjustable with medium to wide wash for large coverage

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