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ISP 300
Modular High Power Graphic Projector

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The ISP 300 is a newly developed modular image projector making any surface communicate- day or night. It lets you place, move, and rotate projected logos, text, visual or other images on any surface, at any time.

The ISP 300 is ideal for store fronts, window displays, POP displays, indoor advertising, or entertainment and hospitality venues. Corporations and franchises are discovering the marketing power of this projector, and how it can save time, cut costs, and project a strong image to capture consumer attention.

The ISP 300 is the foundation of a new mass-market and POP marketing system that broadens creative options, improves efficiency, and lowers overall production costs. It can be used together with existing forms of POP advertising, display and promotional graphics - or replace them.

The ISP 300 can help centralize or decentralize corporate advertising and promotional campaigns. Create a consistent message at several locations - or tailor art to suit specific needs.

The ISP 300 is CE and VDE listed and has an IP 20.

The outer size of dichroic or metal gobo diameter is 51.8mm. The inner diameter is 38.0mm.




* One time hardware investment; low servicing costs
* Motion provides dynamic visual impact in the MTV age.
* Increased return on advertising and promotional investment
* Enables you to create the look you want, and change it easily and quickly.
* Very user friendly, very easy to use
* Custom metal, glass or dichroic gobos are optionally available according to customer requirements.



High Output Gobo Projector
Excellent Optics
Extruded and die-cast aluminum body
Steel Hanging bracket
2 x Electrified (24 VAC) guides
Forced air ventilation with axial fan

HTI 300 W/DX (100V/300W, 6500 degrees K, 22,000 lumens, 750 hours (STANDARD)
HTI 300 W/DEL (85V/300W, 5700 degrees K, 20,000 lumens, 3000 hours (OPTIONAL)

Optical System
Twin lens condenser and spherical mirror
32 degrees Beam Angle

Dimensions (with bars and bracket) and Weight:
120V version: 555x240x262mm, 10.5 kgs/23.5 lbs
220V version: 495x240x262mm, 9kgs

Power Supply
100-120V 50/60hz or
200-240V 50/60hz

Power consumption: up to 450w, 6.3 amp. Fuse: (fast acting) F6A 250W 5X20mm

Accessories Included:
1:2.4/100mm projection lense
Static Gobo Holder + 6 metal Gobos.



Panning Mirror Module

24v Panning Mirror assembly, 130 degrees



Rotating Gobo Module

24v Rotating gobo module for Metal & Glass Gobos. Holds 3 gobo sizes!
Viewing Image: 35.5mm
Outside Diameter: 51.8mm (rotating)
Outside Diameter: 66mm (rotating)
Outside Diameter: 66mm (static)



Gobo Wheel Module

Rotating Gobo Wheel , OD:29mm, ID:20mm
Timer control: 3 minute, 5 minute & 24 minute intervals
All replaceable gobos



Rotating Barrel Module

Rotating barrel mirror
Can be used to project multiple images on walkways, walls, ceilings, etc.



Slides Module

3 35mm Slides.
Includes Timer control to change from 1 to the next with minute interval adjustments



Rotating Mirror Module

Rotating flat mirror



Rotating Prism Module

Rotating Prism effect
Create multiple images that rotate





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