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Aptly named, the new compact 108IP will light up the environment with a rainbow of changing colors – even if that environment is outdoors and – yes – it’s actually raining!

A powerful LED RGB color-changing luminaire, the 108IP is small in size but big in grit and toughness, built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, with a robust IP-rating of IP65. Housed in a rugged die cast case, it’s completely protected against dust and precipitation, making it ideal for outdoor concerts, pavilions, amphitheaters, building exteriors and landscape lighting.

The 108IP is not only tough, it’s also amazingly bright, which makes it just as well-suited for indoor applications where a powerful color changer is needed, such as nightclubs, theaters, arenas, runways, trade shows and exhibits. Equipped with 36 (12 each red, green and blue) 3W Luxeon K2 LEDs, it provides extremely high output and performance, especially for its diminutive size.

Featuring linear RGB color mixing, the 108IP can produce an infinite array of colors, using a DMX controller. It also includes 6 built-in programs with speed control, which can be called up via DMX, as well as a variable speed strobe effect and 0-100% dimming with 2 dimming options – linear and standard. The unit can be operated in 3 DMX modes: 3-channel (RGB color mixing); 4-channel (RGB mixing plus dimming); and 6-channel (RGB mixing, dimming, strobing, built-in programs). Additionally, the 108IP can be used without a controller in stand-alone manual mode and linked together in multiples Master-Slave.

Although its powerful brightness will be seen in any setting, the 108IP will never be heard, thanks to its convection cooling system, which eliminates fans, for totally silent operation. It also features flicker-free operation, making it ideal for TV and film production use.

Wherever the versatile unit is used, its compact design will allow it to fit into even the tightest specifications, including in 12” box truss. It measures a mere 8.8”L x 8”W x 10.8”H and weighs just 15.2 lbs., so it’s easy to transport, too. Outfitted with a unique mounting bracket assembly, the 108IP can be used in a variety of positions – standing on a flat surface, mounted on a wall, or hung on truss sideways or upside-down.

The 108IP’s IP65 outdoor rating, combined with its very powerful brightness and small size, make it an extremely versatile color changer that can be used just about anywhere – indoors, outdoors, or on the go. These same factors also make the 108IP an ideal rental unit. It will provide an excellent return on investment, since it gives rental companies a compact, flexible color changer they can use to meet a variety of different customers’ lighting needs.

Users will also appreciate the many time and money saving benefits associated with the 108IP’s LED-powered lamps, such as energy efficiency and maintenance-free operation. Despite its bright output, the fixture draws only 150W of power, saving big on energy costs. Its long life Luxeon LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours, minimizing the time and expense of lamp replacement. Additionally, because LEDs generate virtually no heat, the 108IP will help keep any environment, indoors or outdoors, at a cool, comfortable temperature.

The 108IP comes with a special IP65-rated power cable, which like the unit itself, can withstand dust and wet conditions and is required for outdoor use. IP65-rated DMX cables are also required for outdoor applications and are available (sold separately).

A 25 beam angle comes standard with the unit. For added versatility, optional 15 and 45 lens kits are also available (sold separately).

• 36 x 3W K2 LEDs - (12 each R, G, B)
• Long Life L.E.D. (rated at 100,000 Hours)
• Linear RGB color mixing allows for infinite color possibilities
• IP65 outdoor rated, compact design, die cast case
• Silent operation, convection cooled (No fans)
• 25 standard beam angle (15 & 45 optional lens kits available)
• Built-in, auto switching power supply
• DMX controllable
• Built-in Programs / Manual Control
• Flicker free - ready for TV / Video use

• 3, 4 & 6 CH DMX control modes
• LED display with easy to use function keys
• 3 pin XLR data input & output
• AC Power input & output

• 6 built-in programs with Speed control
• Strobe effect (1-18 flashes per second)
• Selectable dim options (Standard & Linear)
• 0-100% dimming
• Master/ Slave auto program and sound trigger

• Multi-voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
• Power Consumption: 150 watts

• Mounting bracket designed for floor, wall or truss mount
• Molded eye hole for safety cable

• (LxWxH): 8.8” x 8” x 10.8” / 223 x 203 x 274mm
• 15.2 lbs. / 6 kgs.


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