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Aptly named, the ARCHI-COLOR PANEL color changing lighting panel offers unrivaled mood generation as part of an entertainment, retail/architectural or business environment, through subtle color and intensity changes and movement cross fades, chases and matrixes. Consisting of panels of various sizes (600x600mm, 1200x600mm and 1800x600mm), the ARCHI-PANEL series produces a diverse range of colors and shades from its state-of-the-art LED light source.The ARCHI-PANEL color changing lighting panel has been configured to offer total creative flexibility for professional lighting designers, architects, engineers and specifiers.

The super bright LEDs used in the ARCHI-COLOR PANEL offer maintenance free operation, and because LEDs generate virtually no heat, ARCHI-COLOR PANEL units can be generously employed in public areas where traditional light sources are unsuited or prohibited.

ARCHI-COLOR PANEL is superior over other lighting panel by reason of its low heating, low energy consumption, long services hours, virtually no maintenance, soft and even coloring. In combination with the controller, you can design unique program of your own. It's square in shape with minimal thickness. The ARCHI-COLOR PANEL is connectable and fit to any wall, ceiling, all you need is a surface.

Arrays of LED are evenly fitted to the stainless steel or aluminum casing. The PC cover in milky color is best suited to be full RGB spectrum of LED array. One DMX controller (with enough channels) can control hundreds of ARCHI-COLOR PANEL units. Just imagine the grand lighting effect of hundreds of LED Panels under your control with a single controller!

The ARCHI-COLOR PANEL can be used as a stand alone color changer, as well as in multiples. The units can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted. Control, which can be DMX compatible or dedicated, is via a remote controller that allows seamless color and intensity changes as well as more dramatic chases and matrixes.

With a virtually infinite range of colors, shades and hues the ARCHI-COLOR PANEL can faithfully represent the seasons and themes being displayed. The ARCHI-COLOR PANEL unit is ideal for back bar displays and with the all day, all night operation of a modern bar and restaurant venue, ARCHI-COLOR PANEL units are inherently suited to this demanding environment, being virtually maintenance free. Due to the inherent technology of LED, light is confined to the panel and does not pollute the merchandise being displayed or highlighted. The ARCHI-COLOR PANEL acts purely to draw the eye to the product. Any product suddenly has that irresistible added value when enhanced by the ARCHI-COLOR PANEL.

The ARCHI-COLOR PANEL can be used both indoors and outdoors for its special character of waterproofing outdoors and indoors to create various lighting effects such as color changing, color chasing, color fading, color waves, rainbow colors and color flashing.
The electronics control 8, 16, and 24 individually controllable RGB segments. This segmentation makes it possible to create light in motion in the panels.
ARCHI-COLOR PANEL creates a new angle of interior decoration. It serves as complement to interior fixtures and furniture. Adding colors to one's lifestyle has long been a desire of civilized life, ever since the invention of color glass in holy gathering places and ancient palaces. The advances in LED technology make your dream comes true. Furthermore, volume consumption attracts more and more application creativity as well as big reduction in costs of LED. Now you can enjoy the harmonized atmosphere anywhere, at home, workplace, social club, pubs and public places.

Thanks to the electrical and optical optimized design, the ARCHI-COLOR PANEL, is a pretty bright LED RGB light box enabling a much better visibility from long distances.

When the lights change, for instance, to red and green for Christmas season or red, white and blue for American national holidays and for other special events and occasions, people will be dazzled. The ARCHI-COLOR PANEL can transform any building and structure into a recognizable icon and a beloved landmark. It will help market the area and can be shown beautifully in magazines and on television. Custom light shows can be designed and programmed via any industry standard DMX controller.

Shoppers, drivers, visitors and observers from near and far will be enchanted by the ARCHI-COLOR PANEL. It will become a focal point for interesting and interactive events, displays, gatherings, and promotions. The versatile ARCHI-COLOR PANEL, "dresses" the architecture of the structure in the colors of the season, holiday, or occasion-- custom tailoring it over and over again! It's a good idea to refer to the Empire State Building web site for inspiration and ideas: http://www.esbnyc.com/tourism/tourism_lightingschedule.cfm.
For ease of use, each panel comes with 2 DMX cables: one input and one output. The connection to the power supply is similar: one input cable and one output cable.


* Solid state lighting technology
* No moving parts
* No UV and IR

* Safe and reliable, easy maintenance

* Long life and energy efficient

* Practical and unique

* Robust construction suitable for outdoor applications

* Multiple lighting effects

* Uniform color mixing

* Intelligent control

* Subtle and dynamic color effects

* Operational and environmental benefits of LED technology

* Direct-view light source

* Remotely controllable

* Optimum heat dissipation in a sealed enclosure



Fixed color: single color display for red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, white, etc..
Color change: color change
Single direction slow flow
Double direction slow flow
Roll chase
Roll color
Multi color chase
Single direction fast flow
Double direction fast flow
Bi-color chase
Bi-color flow
color gradual change



LED: RGB color mixing, 100,000 hours
Working temperature: -20C to +45C
Operating Humidity: 0-95%
Protection Rating: IP65 http://www.articulight.com/acc/IPRatings.html
Input Voltage: AC96-240V
Working voltage: DC12V
Working current: 2.6A
Maximum Power:
ARCH-600: 24 W
ARCH-1200: 48 W
ARCH-1800: 72 W

Cover: PMMA (acrylic), transparent or semi-transparent etched
Fixture Material : aluminum with oxidized finish
Dimensions and weight:
MODEL ARCH-600: L600xW600xHmm; 6.3 kgs;
MODEL ARCH-1200: L1200xW600xH26mm;11 kgs
MODEL ARCH-1800: L1800xW600xH26mm;16 kgs

Controller: Stand alone; Master/Slave; SRC-261 or DMX512
ARCH-600: 24 CH
ARCH-1200: 48 CH
ARCH-1800: 72 CH
Input Signal Connecting End: 3 in male connector
Output Signal Connecting End: 3 in female connector


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