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General Commercial Illumination HP LED Light

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Aptly named, the BRUTELIGHT model RTL75 is yet another revolutionary WLED (White LED) based energy saving product. The BRUTELIGHT is a newly introduced high output LED lighting rectangular fixture designed especially for a wide range of outdoor and indoors commercial and architectural illumination.

Incorporating the latest in WLED (white LED) technology the BRUTELIGHT boasts an incredible 100 lumen per watt output from each of the 1W LED. The addition of the patented L.B.O.T (Light Boasting Optical Technology) increases the light output by 50% of typical 1W LED.

BRUTELIGHT is available in Color Corrected Temperatures (CCT) ranging from 2000K-7000K and is a high energy savings, extreme long life direct replacement to high energy consuming HID based sodium, metal halide and mercury vapor fixtures.

BRUTELIGHT has an array of 75 high power LEDs laid out in vertical and horizontal rows which combined with an advanced and patented, reflective, optical system produces incredible even and controlled light output.

The BRUTELIGHT task lighting is available in two color rendering options - 7000500K (standard); and 2000300K (optional). The high power BRUTELIGHT easily equals and supersedes HID based metal halide, sodium and mercury vapor fixtures, in terms of color accuracy, illumination and enhanced energy efficiency.

Tunnels are a structure over a roadway which inhibits the normal daytime illumination in such a way that a driver's visibility is substantially reduced. The BRUTELIGHT is engineered to illuminate the road surface in tunnels to enable a smooth visual transition from daylight or darkness while drivers pass through the tunnel.

Thanks to BRUTELIGHT wide angle optical system (X: 120, Y: 60), combined with the high power LED arrays, it is now possible to illuminate large areas.

Light proficiency and reliability in industrial or warehouse environments is highly important from any point of view. The storing and movement of goods is 24/7, so users today require a high consistency and
quality of illumination for continuance, security and safe working practice. Energy efficiency and costs are also very important. The BRUTELIGHT, for example, delivers 7,875 lumens in return for 107 Watts which in light output to energy use ratio terms is ahead of anything in the market place today!

BRUTELIGHT is perfect for commercial, warehouse and open-space applications because the light qualities are excellent and the maintenance requirements are minimal.

BRUTELIGHT is rated for many hours of continuous illumination without any perceivable light loss. The compact heat sink design allied with the low heat, high power LEDs and flat fixture profile ensures that light is directed uniformly downward with a minimum in light spill or energy wasted in dissipating heat away from a reflector space.

The BRUTELIGHT is constructed with high quality aluminum die-cast housings and stainless steel hardware and fasteners. The LEDs, electronics and optical system are flush mounted within the compact IP65 housing which is electrostatically sprayed with a flourocarbon powder coating to provide improved weather protection and excellent self cleaning properties.

The BRUTELIGHT marks an important lighting solution for lighting specifiers and engineers since LED lighting is quickly evolving as the bench-mark for consistent performance over many years of use with minimal color variation or lumen depreciation when operated correctly. Additionally, the new WLED LEDs represent a progressive step forward in the national shift towards energy conservation and environmental awareness.


• DC working voltage
• Good color display
• Low power consumption
• No heat radiation, long life, good stability and high security
• No infra red (IR) and ultraviloet (UV) rays
• Energy consuming will reduce 80% to compare with the incandescence light in the same light effect
• Has good anti-impact properties
• Elegant and functional design
• No frequent twinkling
• Quadratic optics design
• No dizzying light
• Good anti-impact with surface oxidation disposal
• Anti-aging with light leading inner teeth, soft beam, hard and durable
• DMX signal control and fit tunnels compound light project
• Does not require repeated light bulb and ballast changes and they last for an incredible 100,000 hours, which is 6 to 7 times longer than other light sources.
• Cost-effectiveness on initial cost of fixture, bulb replacement and scheduled maintenance.
• Superior lighting efficiency
• Superb luminous distribution
• Advance physical characteristics
• Durability and resistance to corrosion
• Lightweight and compact
• Simple installation and convenient modulation
• Ensures years of unsurpassed service, lighting uniformity, visual comfort and lighting security—all in a highly reliable system.


• Tunnels
• Bridges
• Roads
• Open Spaces
• Warehouses
• Facilities
• Factories
• Monuments
• Facades
• Commercial


LEDS >100,000 hours
HPS 24,000 hours
LPS 18,000 hours
METAL HALIDE 10,000 hours
SMH 20,000 hours
INDUCTION 60,000 hours


Light Source: 1W high power WLED, White LED
Number of LEDs: 75
Corrected Color Temperature (CCT):
7000500K (standard); and 2000300K (optional)
Beam Angle: X: 120, Y: 60
Operating Temperature: -30C to +40C
Maximum Luminous Intensity (cd): 1,706
Luminous Flux (Lm) 3,964
Input Voltage: 85-264V, 50/60Hz
Power Factor: >0.9
Power Consumption: 107W
Internal Operating Voltage: 24
IP Rating: IP 65. Dry, damp and wet applications.
Dimensions: L 491 x W 276 x H 118 mm; 19.33" x 10.87" x 4.65"
Weight: 9.5 kgs (20.9 lbs)


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