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Imagine being able to change color, create patterns and move them along a tube. Now you can with the aptly named DMX TUBEŽ. Instead of neon or fluorescent, an array of LEDs fills each tube. It looks like neon or fiber optics, yet it does much more.

The DMX TUBEŽ instantly comes to life with flowing, fading, chasing and ebbing streams of colored light. Custom patterns run automatically or are triggered from existing control systems. Visual effects that were previously impossible are now simple to create and control.

Each section contains individually controllable pixels comprised of red, green, and blue LEDs. Pixels can be uniform for a solid color effect or different to create color patterns. Color patterns can move at varying speeds and continue through linked units.

The DMX TUBEŽ enables direct DMX input for professional programming and control of vibrant color patterns and dynamic visual effects.   

The DMX TUBEŽ lighting effect is powered by LED technology which offers:
Ultra-long lamp life 
Minimal maintenance
Low heat emission, No UV and IR 
Low power consumption
Easy installation

The LED DMX Tube is a graphics and color changing grade tub that can be set to 1. 2. 4, 8, and 16 pixels per tube. LED DMX Tubes come in half meter (500mm) and 1 meter versions.The LED DMX Tube uses the very latest in high quality (RGB) LED's to provide high luminosity even and consistent colors.The LED DMX Tube can be directly controlled b DMX-512, PC Graphics Control,or a stand-alone graphics playback systems.



LED environment-friendly long life light source
Advanced RGB color-mixing technology
Energy efficiency (maximum 16.8 W per meter)
Resistance to direct sunlight
Intelligent control system for lighting effects
No additional power or control boxes required with the unique built-in power + data unit
Intelligent auto-protect function
Durable enclosures made of selected materials
Virtually no gap when units are butted end to end



Tube Diameter: 50 mm (5cm)

Tube Length: 1 meter (100cm) 

Dimensions: L1000 x W50 x 75mm

Weight: 1.5 kgs

Voltage:  Line voltage: AC 100 V - 240 V; Inside power supply :12 v 

Current: 20-25 mA 

Counter current: 5 uA

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power: 16.8 W maximum, 1.4A 

Number of LEDS: 144 ultrabright bulbs

LED bulbs: RGB color mixing (48 Red, 48 Green, 48 Blue) with 4 or 8 separate sections per color 

Life Span: 100,000 hours

Luminance: 64 lumens

Controlling mode: dynamic or static

Control: DMX512 in DMX mode or dedicated controller.

Individual Control: SRC-236DL controller

Computer Control: PC + SRC-236DL controller

DMX Controller: Universal DMX 512 controller

Signal Input  Connector: 5 pin male connector

Signal Output  Connector: 5 pin female connector

DMX Channels:

DMX Channel 1: Red,

DMX Channel 2: Green,

DMX Channel 3: Blue,

Colors: red, yellow, white, purple, cyan, green, blue or changeable

Color change: RGB color mixing, solid state, no motors!

Color Change Modes: Color Change

Slow flow (unidirectional flow)

Slow flow (bidirectional flow)

Roll Chase 1 (rolling backward and forward)

Roll Chase 2 (scan backward and forward)

Multi Color chase

Fast flow 1 (unidirectional flow)

Fast flow 2 (bidirectional flow)

2 color  chase

2 color flow

Gray scale color change

Dynamic picture effect 

Brightness: Red: 700-1300 mcd; blue: 465-474 mcd; green: 1500-3000 mcd

Wavelength: Red: 625-640 nm; Blue: 465-474 nm; Green: 515-524

Beam Angle: >120 degrees

Side View: 122 degrees

End View: 200 degrees 

Working environmental temperature: -40 C to 80 C (-4  to 140 degrees F)

Operating Humidity: 0-95% 

Housing: Aluminum alloy (anti-UV)

Tube composition: clear or milky white optically diffused polycarbonate (PVC) 

Installing Methods: 1. channels screws into installed brackets 2. channels snaps into installed bracket

Color adjustable code: 256 grade 

IP Rating: IP 65 http://www.articulight.com/acc/IPRatings.html 

UL and CE approved: Yes 

Signal Amplifier: already set inside the tube 

Power Supply: already set inside the tubes

Recommended DMX Tubes to design In:
1. Mounting surface
2. Mounting plate
3. Fixing plates
4. DMX Tube
The DMX Tube is mounted as shown below. The mounting plate (2) is attached to the surface to be mounted(1). The DMX Tube (4) is placed against the mounting plate (2) and secured by the fixing plates (3).

Dimensional Diagrams

Connection Diagrams

Suggestions: Please install the same way as these diagrams and the diagrams located in your products user manual. After the connectors are joined together, the female connector should be on top and the male connector at bottom to improve the waterproofing effect.

Candle Power Distribution

End view (solid line) and Side view(dashed line) (candelas)
Measure on: White
Beam center: 7400mcd
Thin dashed lined: Indicates 50% of peak value
Multipliers: 0.07R, 0.57G,0.36B

Connection Variations (Control Type Dependent)

PC or Stand-alone Matrix Connection
PC or Stand-alone Matrix Connection

This configuration requires the additonal hardware listed below:
SRC-236DL Controller-or- SRC-236DL Controller and PC SDL-109A-T1(Quantity based on total number of tubes)

Example 1:

Example 2:
DMX-512 Control
This configuration requires the additional haredware listed below:
Standard DMX-512 Controller
SDL-109A-T1 (Quantity based on total number of tubes.)

LED DMX Tube is an intelligent fixture and under certain configurations requires external controllers and signal amplifiers for their operation and installation.

Understanding the LED Vision Tube

Direct DMX Control Expanded to a 48 Channels per tube
Other configuration options are available such 3,6,12, and 24 channels

As Illustrated above: 2 sections per tube, 16 pixels per tube, 3 channels per pixel, 48 channels per tube

Use the SRC-236DL Ver1.2 Controller to write the DMX address into the tube memory by connecting the controller to the first tube. With all tubes connected assign in the controller menu the start address of the first tube and follow the instructions in the user manual to complete the write to memory process. One DMX Universe equals 10 tubes. Only 1 DMX Universe can be used in Standard DMX mode per 10 tubes. Once the memory has been written and the dmx addresses assigned you can connect a standard DMX controller to thee tube matrix via the 5-pin DMX connector. To use more tuves in 48 channel mode a PC and PC Software in conjunctionwith the SRC-236DL ver1.2

Light Output

Color White Red Green Blue
Total Output(lumens) 63.9 10.5 42.3 14.6
Power (Watts) 12 2.4 4.8 4.8
Efficacy (lm/W 5.3 4.4 8.8 3.0

DMX Functionalty Chart

Mode # of DMX Channels 1    2    4    8   16   Channel Name Value Function
1 Pixel 3           1 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              2 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
              3 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
              4 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              5 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
2 Pixels 6           6 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
              7 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              8 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
              9 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
              10 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              11 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
4 Pixels             12 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
              13 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              14 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
              15 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
              16 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              17 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
              18 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
              19 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              20 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
              21 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
              22 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity
              23 Green 0~255 0~100% intensity
8 Pixels 24           24 Blue 0~255 0~100% intensity
16 Pixels 48           25-48 Red 0~255 0~100% intensity


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