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Our state of the art product, LED PARLIGHT uses Red, Green and Blue LEDs to produce a vast array of colors integrated with microelectronic technology and digital technology encased in a high quality component with great physical appeal and offers the most flexibility in function. Not limiting its ability to change color, some of the other lighting effects include: color chasing, color fading, and seven colors change without the drawbacks of high expenses and strict limitation. It is suitable for indoor entertainment places such as bar, dancing hall and so on.
The LED light source projects a beam of light at a 25° viewing angle to the surface of the objects. Connected to and controlled through an external preprogrammed DMX controller, the LED PARLIGHT scrolls through different functions and able to perform many various lighting effects.

Product Parameters

Input Voltage: AC 100V-240V
Operating Voltage: DC12V
MAX Current: 2A
LED: 360 LEDs (120 red, 120 green, 120 blue)
MAX Wattage: 24W
Color Range: Red, Green and Blue color-changing effects
Luminous Intensity: 200 lumens
Beam Angle: 25°
Operating Temperature: 20°C ~ +60°C

Color Effects

Fixed Color: static display of a single color
Color Wash: colors transition gracefully from color to color
Color Cycle: colors cycle back and forth gracefully between two colors
Random Color: colors step or jump from one color to the next in random
Fixed Color Strobe: constant color appears in a rapid series of intense flashes of light
Varied Color Strobe: a sequence of colors appears in a rapid series of intense flashes of light

Control System

Controller: DMX console
DMX Input Connector: 3-pin DMX male plug
Output Connector: 3-pin DMX female plug

Structure Specifications

Material of Light Tube: Transparent PC
Material of Lamp Holder: Black ABS (fireproof)
Size: L240 X W214 X H331 mm
Net Weight: 1.7kg


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