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Coloring your world or at least your floors and walls in any vivid hue imaginable has become as easy as flicking a switch, thanks to our new PANEL 72. A DMX compatible floor/wall/ceiling panel equipped with red, green, and blue LEDs, the PANEL 72 can create thousands of vibrant colors through RGB color mixing and make super smooth transitions from one shade to another.

Easy to install on any room surface, the PANEL 72 is amazingly versatile. It can be used to light up a disco dance floor with flashy changing colors, or as a more subtle mood effect on the walls of a buildings lobby or corridors. It's so sturdy and durable you can dance on it, yet it's completely portable, which also makes it great for mobile applications like stage shows, fashion runways, concerts, rentals and special events. It can be specified as a fixture for permanent installations, such as car dealership showroom adding the drama of color-changing tiles to any architectural application.

This solid-state lighting system has been designed for easy installation and safe energy efficient, long life operation.

Because its LEDs emit no infrared or ultra-violet light, the PANEL 72 produces very little heat - another factor that contributes to its versatility. It can be placed at close range to objects without risk of discoloration, making it ideal for illuminating displays and products. When used in a disco or onstage, its cool operation will help keep dancers and performers from getting too hot under the ??bright lights.? This special feature gives the flexibility for numerous types of applications such as architectural/ retail spaces, stage, productions, night clubs, art galleries museums and much more.

Measuring 39.25 x 39.25 (1x1m), each square PANEL 72 actually consists of 4 smaller 19 x 19 (50x50cm) color cubes. Each of the cubes operates independently of the others, so you can have up to 4 different colors per panel. Users have the option of operating the PANEL 72 as a single unit or 4 separate cubes by selecting from two DMX operating modes - 3 or 12 DMX channels.

The panels themselves are made of rugged 1/2?-inch-thick Plexiglass, which can support up to 1,100 lbs (500 kgs). This gives the PANEL 72 the muscle to easily withstand the rigors of dance floor use or even cars.

All of the light generating mechanics are built right into the panel, so there's no need for external controllers or devices other than a DMX controller. Because it is a self-contained unit, the RGB PANEL 72 is easy to set up and tear down, which makes it convenient for mobile users. Each panel comes with 9 rubber feet for mobile applications, as well as 4 base holes for permanent installation, to provide the user with both options.

The PANEL 72 is truly the ultimate color changing panel, because it can be used in so many different ways - wherever and however color is needed on a room surface. It can be installed on the ceiling, walls or floor, either as a mobile or permanent unit. And with the RGB color mixing, you have literally millions of colors at your fingertips, and you can change colors as quickly or slowly as you want, to meet the exact requirements of any application.

Unlike many other LED systems, the PANEL 72 can be daisy chained in both data (DMX) and Power using PowerCon in and out connectors. The efficient system requires only one 20-amp power source to daisy chain a 15 x 15 ft dance floor (25 panels). The PANEL 72 comes with a PowerCon power cord.

4x 19.25 x 19.25color cubes in one
1/2? Plexiglass supports up to 1100 lbs./500 kgs.
Convection Cooling No Fans
Power On/Off switch
Power Con Power Cord

2 DMX Channel Modes
3 or 12 DMX Channels
4 Digit Digital LED Display
3 pin XLR serial input/output

Ch1: Red 0-100% Dimming
Ch2: Green 0-100% Dimming
Ch3: Blue 0-100% Dimming

RGB Additive Color Mixing

9 rubber feet
Extruded edges, UniStrut style
4 Base holes

Dimensions (LxWxH): 39.25x 39.25x 4(100 x 100 x 10 cm)
Weight: 50 lbs (22.7 kgs)


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