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SPECTACOLOR PRO 90 model LWS-6052 has no less than 90 high-power LEDs laid out in three horizontal rows: this incredible luminous power, along with the practical shape and the possibility of using interchangeable lenses make it ideal for a vast range of applications. SPECTACOLOR PRO 90 is perfect for indoor use (museums, art galleries, libraries, television studios, etc.) and in particular for outdoors (architectural lighting on municipal sites, monuments, buildings, facades, structures, etc.), thanks to its protection to IP65 and to a special asymmetric lens designed to ensure even lighting coverage of walls and other long surfaces. 


LED products abound, however you would be hard pressed to find a sexier looking fixture than the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90. It certainly packs punch! The wash light utilizes high power LEDs: blue, green, and red LEDs which provide RGB color mixing with cold IR and UV free output. There are a range of lenses to vary beam angle from 10 through to 25 degrees. All of this, and SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 is IP65 rated for outdoor use too.

SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 is an architectural fixture for indoor and outdoor use (Ingress Protection: IP65) with avant-garde technology and unusual, particularly stylish lines that enable it to blend harmonically into the architecture and scenarios being illuminated.

The fixture's main innovation is its use of a series of high-power LEDs as a light source with RGB color mixing.

The use of LED technology provides numerous advantages:
LEDs generate cold IR-free / UV-free light, which doesn't heat illuminated objects.
LEDs have a life of approximately 100,000 hours at full  power.
Electricity consumption is proportional to the light emitted, and less than that of traditional lamps.
Fixtures require very little maintenance.

Interchangeable lenses 10, 15, 25 (standard), 45 and 60 enable the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 to be used at various distances from the structure being illuminated.

Color temperature is 6,500K; any other color temperature is obtainable by mixing the red / green / blue LEDs luminosity.

The SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90  transmits and receives on 8 DMX channels:
1) sutter/strobe 2) dimmer 3) red 4) green 5) blue 6) color temperature 7) macro 8) white balance control

On-board software is upgraded via DMX.

The built-in microcomputer has a comprehensive function menu, accessible via user-friendly interface display:

● DMX channel ●  color balance ●  effects weekly programming ● effects generation ●  master/slave function auto-test ●  reset fixture ●

The SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 incorporates all the functionality required  to be applied professionally. With 5 program cues available, each program can contain a maximum of 10 scenes with 36 timed events that can be set to any desired clock time.

The SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 also has a built-in thermal sensor to enable operations below 60C. Whether operated with DMX 512, stand alone or via the built-in sophisticated yet simple to operate 1 time/scene selection system, the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 delivers exceptional professional results.

SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 is a fixture with an exclusive design, an exceptional tool thanks to its functional qualities as well as to its stylish contribution, that can be offered to any type show, performance or installation. SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 is not just a new idea in color-changing fixtures with its light source 90 high-power LEDs, but its also a unit decidedly attractive to look at and able to fitted harmoniously into any setting, from musical shows to artistic architectural lighting.

As well as ensuring considerable energy saving, absolute silence and protection to IP65, with SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 , users can count on very high luminous power, that sets records even in the LED lighting industry. For optimum installation flexibility, the units head can be removed from the rest of the body.






  • 30 Blue LEDs 1W
  • 30 Green LEDs 3W
  • 30 Red LEDs 1W
  • Luminous flux 3,500 Lumens
  • Color temperature: 6,500 K (variable)
  • Consumption: 250W
  • LEDs life: 100,000 hours at maximum power.


  • RGB color mixing 


    o    10

    o    15

    o    25 (standard) 

    o    45

    o    60


    o    Pan +/- 45

    o    Tilt +15, - 75


    o    AC 110V-220V, 50-60Hz


    o    8 DMX channels

    SET UP

    o    LED display 3 buttons

    o    Internal microcomputer with large function menu.


    o    IP65 (applicable for dry, wet, damp environment)


    o    (LxWxH) 984 x 232 x 337MM"

    o    (LxWxH) 38.74" x 9.13" x 13.27"


    o    17.8Kg (39.16 lbs)













  They create an evenly diffused light beam, ideal for illuminating large areas, and are able to be controlled precisely in all of their main characteristics: luminous intensity, RGB color mixing, and color temperature correction.

  The exclusive design, interchangeable lenses, and protection to IP65 make the SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 ideal for either permanent or temporary installation in a wide range of applications: monuments, buildings, stages, facades, structures, houses of worship, museums, art galleries, libraries, shopping malls, and store window displays.


  SPECTACOLOUR PRO 90 is also perfect for dynamically coloring backdrops and scenery in theatres, television and photography studios.





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