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Flexible RGB Digital Pixel Belt

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VISION STRAND is a newly developed flexible LED RGB SMD belt using ultra bright LED bulbs as its light source. Its high quality polycarbonate shield and power cable make it waterproof and UV resistant. It is economical, safe, durable, easy to install and maintain.

VISION STRAND can be applied for displaying video and the largest screen can carry 1024x768 pixels while being controlled by digital signals control system. It can be used for multi function video playing such as TV, disk and Flash. It is the best economical choice for large interior and exterior advertisement and displays.

VISION STRAND can be used in architectural decorative lighting projecting using our controller. It provides 8 types of variety functions and seven different color changing. VISION STRAND produces magical visual effects and it is ideal for architectural structures and outlining.

VISION STRAND incorporates (3 in 1) SMD pixels that are encapsulated in modules that can be varied in distance along a high quality insulated wire structure. Each Pixel is IP44 rated and can be applied both indoor and outdoors.

VISION STRAND is perfect for scenery or set applications in both linear and screen applications. VISION STRAND can be used to make complex open air screening by attaching the VISION STRAND to wire framing to enable application to exterior building surfaces. The brightness of this product enables such large scale screen solutions.

VISION STRAND can also be integrated with stage fabrics to make soft LED applications, back drops, exhibit stands, video or star ceilings, and many more.

Playback live or pre-recorded video, images, flash animations and more with the option video control system and software or use as a linear solution for sconce color changing or edge illumination and effects on structures or buildings.


* For interior and exterior video screen and architectural lighting projects application
* Low power, low power consumption
* Safe
* Flexible
* Durable
* Each pixel can be controlled individually
* IP 44
* Long life span
* Easy to install and connect


Length in a package: 10 meters (33 ft)
Dimensions: 20 x 19 mm
LED Spacing: 10 cm
Total # of LEDs: 100 at 10 meters
Total Watts: 30w at 10 meters
Unit length: 10 cm
Watts per Meter: 3 watts
LED Color: RGB
Maximum Loading Length: 100 meters with SLD-TV controller and 50 meters with LV-DMX controller.
Switching Power Supply: 5V 30A (10m + 10m)
Model: VAS5


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