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LED RGB BALL is an amazing decorative product with warm, saturated colors. By clever use of the RGB LED's in the balls, it is possible to control the color of all the balls/cubes at the same time, or to control each ball/cube separately in thousands of colors.
With the SRC-241 controller you can control up to 12 balls/cubes total. When you need to control more than 12 pieces, another controller is needed. The ball can be hung using a special hanging clip on the top of the unit. This is where the cable is connected to the unit. With an IP-rating of IP66 it is possible to use the LED-Balls and Cubes outdoor.

 Neo-Neon Dionysus LED ball 500mm

All of the benefits of other LED-products, also apply to the LED RGB BALL.
• no heat;
• virtually no maintenance;
• long-life span bulb life, approximately 100,000 hours;
• negligible power consumption;
• smooth color changes;
• brilliant saturated colors.
LED RGB BALL is ideal for stage, clubs, bars, point of sale displays, in hotel lounges, fairgrounds and leisure parks. Stunning color changes or subtle architectural lighting can be achieved via the SRC241 controller (sold separately) or with DMX. The LED RGB BALL is IP66 rated for use indoors or outdoors.
300 mm ball has 27 red, 36 green and 18 blue LEDs and can be controlled via SRC241.
500 mm ball has 40 red, 56 green and 28 blue LEDs and can be controlled via SRC241A.
Voltage 24v, 300mm 7 watts, 500mm 12 watts.


Neo-Neon SRC-241 LED ball/cube effects controller

Effects controller for 300mm LED cube and 300mm LED ball. Operates as a stand alone or as conduit to a DMX controller, the SRC is designed to control the LED balls and cubes.
When operating with DMX the range of signal detail is enhanced and more complex color changes can be achieved. In 4 channel DMX mode a series of up to 12 cubes or balls will change in unison and in 48 channel DMX up to 12 series wired SRL features can be color controlled independently.

• Primary power supply: 120VAC or 240 VAC
• Secondary power supply (for the LED RGB BALL: 24 VDC
• Maximum capacity: 150 Watt per controller (12 fixtures)
• Stand-alone control or control with every desirable DMX controller.
• In DMX-mode, a total of 48 DMX channels are used. (12 x 4 channels RGB and intensity per ball)
• Also a 4-channel DMX mode is possible, the DMX controller will trigger pre-programmed color changes.
• Dimensions: 66 (H) x 340 (W) x 236 (D) mm


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