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Enhance path lighting with the LG-100-24V-M, LED PATH 100® which is available in full color change. In addition, a 24 bit RGB pixel system provides the user with ultimate control to combine and create thousands of bright colors! LED PATH 100® can also be programmed for seven-color fading, chasing, strobe, and many other effects with its large memory of dynamic programs.

Recommended LED PATH 100® Products to Design;
LG-100-24V-M LED PATH 100® ideal for direct lighting of building perimeter, as well as for steps, walkways, cinemas, security lighting theme parks and clubs.


Power: 2.88W
Currency: 0.12A
5 LED'S: 22 red, 12 green, 12 blue
Product Dimensions: L165xW165xH110cm
Weight: 2050g
Lighting Diameter: 75mm
Maximum Water Depth: 3FT

Installation of LG-100-24V-M:

LG-100-24V-M is most suitable to install in floor under water or any other place that can embrace it, firstly, prepare a hole in the near size of the LG-100-24V-M, then put it into the hole, leaving the surface of it at the same level of the floor (if the floor is earth or grassland, the surface of the LG-100-24V-M should be higher than the level of the floor), at last, make sure that the lamp is fixed to the floor. The installation drawing is shown as following:

Connecting to the SRC-171 controller
LG-100-24V-M is powered and controlled by SRC-171 LED controller, which is available with 120V or 220V input, 24V output. Used as an extensional cable to connect the SRC-171 & LG-100-24V-M, the 4-wire cable contains 4 wires in red, green, blue & white colors. Accordingly the 4 wires from the LG-100-24V-M will be connected to the 4 wires cable color by color using the cable clips. One SRC-171 can control up to 25 pieces of LG-100-24V-M, the distance of two lamps is recommended not to be longer than 2 meters.

Connecting to DMX controller
The SRC-171 controller can receive signal from DMX controller. By programming on the DMX controller, the LG-100-24V-M, which is controlled by SRC-171, can be controlled and produce various effect set on the DMX-controller. The signal wire connecting the SRC-171 & DMX controller should be shorter than 300 meters; otherwise, a signal amplifier is necessary.

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