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RIVA 80®

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The RIVA 80 LED lighting system offers endless color possibilities to modify your surrounding.


This system does not produce infrared and ultra violet light. Therefore, heat production is minimized, avoiding discoloration of objects being lit. This special feature gives the RIVA 80 LED lighting systems the flexibility for numerous types of applications such as architectural/retail spaces, stage/entertainment, video/film productions, night clubs, art galleries, museums and much more.

This solid-state lighting system has been designed for easy installation and safe energy efficient, long life operation. The combination of Red, Green and Blue LEDs offers a tremendous range of colors with smooth transitions from one color to the next.


System of 8 units
including Pixel Drive Controller
90 LEDs per spot
30 red, 30 green, 30 blue
Lightweight aluminum case design
4 pin in/out connections on rear pannel
8 signal cables
Unit addressing switch
Power Consumption: 95 Watts per system
No cooling needed
Presure fitted ring
Dimensions:209x209x109 mm/ Ø8.5"x8.5"x 4.5"
Weight: 0.67kg/1.5 lbs each

Must be used with Pixel Drive Controller!

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