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Imagine being able to change color, create patterns and move them along a tube. Now you can with the CHROMA TOWER 250. Instead of neon or fluorescent, an array of LEDs fills each tube. It looks like neon or fiber optics, yet it does much more.

The CHROMA TOWER 250 model LO-DIA250-2M instantly comes to life with flowing, ebbing streams of colored light going up and down or vice versa or from the middle to the top or from the middle to the bottom or vice versa. Custom patterns run automatically or are triggered from existing control systems. Visual effects that were previously impossible are now simple to create and control.

Each section contains individually controllable pixels comprised of red, green, and blue (RGB mixing) LEDs. Pixels can be uniform for a solid color effect or different to create color patterns. Color patterns can move at varying speeds and continue through linked units.

Every CHROMA TOWER 250 can be transformed into a long light show that will delight people. When the lights change, for instance, to red and green for Christmas season or red, white and blue for American national holidays and for other special events and occasions, people will be dazzled. The CHROMA TOWER 250, can transform any surrounding into a recognizable icon and a beloved landmark. It will help market the area and can be shown beautifully in magazines and on television. Custom light shows can be designed and programmed by a digital controller.

Tourists, drivers, visitors, local residents and observers from near and far will be enchanted by the CHROMA TOWER 250. That area will become a focal point for interesting and interactive events, displays, gatherings, and promotions. The versatile CHROMA TOWER 250, "dresses" the architecture of the surrounding area in the colors of the season, holiday, or occasion-- custom tailoring it over and over again! It's a good idea to refer to the Empire State Building web site for inspiration and ideas.

CHROMA TOWER 250 is a decorative lighting device with LED as light source. This fixture is suitable to be installed in indoor and outdoor applications. The CHROMA TOWER 250 enables the most innovative and attractive display. Popular applications includes plazas, bus stations, crossroads, convention centers, hotels, stadium entrances, township entrances, airports, shopping malls and many more. With advanced microelectronic technology and high quality electronic components, as well as controlled by pre-set programs, it can display various color changing effects, such as color chasing, color fading, gradual color changing, multicolor changing and so on. The CHROMA TOWER 250 can be used alone or in a series. With a DMX controller, it can provide even more color changing options to meet diversified demands.


Using LED as a light source, a light tower consists of four rows of milky white PMMA tubes. The tower has a built-in digital circuit and controlled by an outside controller. By operating the controller, a soft, uniform, and three-dimensional light of 360 degrees can be achieved.

* Full color lighting effects LO-DIA250-2M is a 2.2 meter tube that offers full color fading, chasing, and many other effects in its large library of dynamic programs.
* Designed and rated for permanent indoor and outdoor use.
* Available controller (SDL-109C) functions in stand-alone mode or as DMX interface for integrating tube systems into existing DMX networks.
* Convenient tube connect to system for daisy-chaining multiple tubes together.
* Long life, low power consumption, low heat, low maintenance and bright output


Fixed color

red, green, yellow, blue, purple, green, white and other single color display

Changing color

16.7 million color change (24 bit real color)

Color Changing


* Unidirectional slow flow
* Two-way slow flow
* Scrolling chasing (scrolling back and forth)
* Scroller rolling (scanning back and forth)
* Multi-color chasing
* Unidirectional fast flow
* Two-way fast flow
* Bi-color chasing
* Bi-color flow
* Color fading

Technical Parameters



Operating Temperature

-20 degrees C ~ +50 degrees C

Working Humidity


Protection Rating


Communication Specifications

Communication Protocols




Signal Input Connector

4-pin male connector

Signal Output Connector

4-pin female connector

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage


Max Power Consumption


Rated Voltage


Structure Specifications


1152 (red 384, green 384,blue 384)

Outer Tube Material

PMMA plastic

Base Material


Product Size

250mm * H2000mm  (9.842" x 6,561 ft)

General Height

2215mm (7.267 ft)

Net Weight

29.5kgs (64.9 lbs)

1. Fixing the pole vertically on the base.

2. If connecting many pieces together, please take reference to below diagram. One controller can connect several pieces LO-DIA250-2M together. Every 2 pieces of CHROMA TOWER 250 require a signal amplifier and every 10 pieces of CHROMA TOWER 250 should be powered by a separate power supply. For multi unit install, link them as seen below. Connect the power cable in parallel and the signal ones in series.


* Operational and environmental benefits of LED technology
* Outdoor and indoor applications 
* Direct-view light source, visible 360 degrees 
* Remotely controllable
* Optimum heat dissipation in a sealed enclosure
* Uses no moving parts
* State-of-the-art solid state lighting (SSL) technology
* Emits no infrared and no ultraviolet rays
* State of the art solid state technology
* Produces virtually no heat and emits no noise
* Built for harsh and extreme environments and has an IP65 http://articulight.com/acc/IPRatings.html.
* Safe and reliable, easy maintenance
* Advanced microelectronic technologies and digital technology are adopted to produce multiple colorful lighting effects.
* Optimized electrical and optical design
* Long life and energy efficient
* Practical and Unique
* Robust construction suitable for outdoor applications
* Multiple lighting effects
* Uniform color mixing
* Intelligent control
* Subtle and dynamic color effects


  • City Centers
  • Boulevards
  • Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Beach Fronts  
  • Architectural Design
  • Display Lighting 
  • Thematic Lighting 
  • Theatrical Scenic
  • Concerts
  • Performing Arts
  • Convention Centers
  • Trade Shows
  • Promotional Events
  • Special Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launches
  • Parties
  • Film/Video Production
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Airports and Seaports 
  • Supermarkets
  • Movie Theatres
  • Theme Parks
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Monuments and Historic Sites
  • Beautification Projects
  • Shopping malls
  • Casinos
  • Night clubs & Bars
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Houses of Worship
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Parks 
  • And much more



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