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Aptly named, the MINI RECESSA series is a recessed mini LED fitting using ultra bright LEDs as light source. It provides various colors, such as Red, Green, Blue, White, etc to meet your needs. The housing materials of the lamp body of this series of MINI RECESSA are cast aluminum, which is hard to damage. Its surface has also been oxidized and will not get rusted by moisture, and its color will not fade out. The MINI RECESSA is also equipped with a uniquely designed PVC insertion tube for better protection, easier installation and maintenance. It is low voltage; low power consumption but has a long lifetime. This is suitable for decoration of buildings, hotels, streets, squares, towers, parks and playgrounds, just to name a few. Due to its high IP rating 67, the MINI RECESSA can be used indoors and outdoors and can even be temporarily submersed. The MINI RECESSA is very compact and lightweight yet sturdy and attractive.

This series of MINI RECESSA is available in three sizes and five voltages with three kinds of cover for accommodating different needs.
1. LED-CT-DIA60/90/100 (cover: beveled edge disk with even glass lens)
2. LED-CC-DIA60/90/100 (cover: straight edge disk with even glass lens)
3. LED-CB-DIA60/90/100 ( cover: beveled edge disk with curved glass lens)

Model Size Diameter of installing hole Color Power consumption Operating voltage
LEE-CC-DIA60-24V ø60xH80mm        
LEE-CT-DIA60-24V ø68xH80mm ø 60mm   0.96W 24V
LEE-CB-DIA60-24V ø68xH87mm        
LEE-CC-DIA60-12V Ø60xH80mm        
LEE-CT-DIA60-12V Ø68xH80mm     0.72W 12V
LEE-CB-DIA60-12V Ø68xH87mm
LEE-CC-DIA90-12V ø90xH102mm        
LEE-CT-DIA90-12V ø110xH102mm     1.18W 12V
LEE-CB-DIA90-12V ø110xH110mm        
LEE-CC-DIA90-24V Ø90xH102mm ø 90mm      
LEE-CT-DIA90-24V Ø110xH102mm   R/G/B/ 1.04W 24V
LEE-CB-DIA90-24V Ø110xH110mm   W/Y    
LEE-CC-DIA90-240V/120V/100V ø90xH102mm        
LEE-CT-DIA90-240V/120V/100V ø110xH102mm     1.1W 240V/
LEE-CB-DIA90-240V/120V/100V ø110xH110mm       120V100V
LEE-CC-DIA100-12V ø100xH102mm        
LEE-CT-DIA100-12V ø110xH102mm     1.18W 12V
LEE-CB-DIA100-12V ø110xH110mm        
LEE-CC-DIA100-24V ø100xH102mm        
LEE-CT-DIA100-24V ø110xH102mm ø 100mm   1.04W 24V
LEE-CB-DIA100-24V ø110xH110mm        
LEE-CC-DIA100-240V/120V/100V ø110xH102mm       240V/ 120V100V
LEE-CT-DIA100-240V/120V/100V ø110xH102mm     1.1W 240V/ 120V/100V


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