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SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC is a new style of energy saving, LED based wash fixture incorporating 18 RGB 1w powerful LEDs. SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC is an RGB full color 16.7 million true 24 Bit color changing fixture. The SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC is a robust indoor and outdoor linear color changer which is ideal for high output wall washing and large alcove and archway lighting as well as linear pixel lighting in large structures. Designed to meet the rugged requirements of outdoor applications, the SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC is completely sealed and meets specifications for dry, damp and wet locations. SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC is slim, compact and lightweight with an overall attractive casing design.

SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC can be operated stand alone, master/slave with built-in preset programs or with standard DMX 512 controller. The SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC uses only 3 DMX channels to enable external programming of linear color changing, step based scenes as desired by the user. You can also add an easy to use preprogrammed external controller if you are DMX challenged such as the SRC-AI-100. the DMX address is written to the fixture using the SRC-AI-100 as well as providing a stand alone control solution. In case you like to program with DMX, the SRC-AI-100 acts as the interface for address code writing.

The SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC housing is composed of aluminum die cast with a clear polycarbonate aperture cap rated at IP 66. The SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC has a very low profile and narrow footprint which makes it perfect for applications where there is little room to install larger fixtures such as window ledges and coving. The housing has also been designed to have a professional commercial look and appeal which makes the SPECTACOLOUR 18 PC ideal where the fixture itself can be seen.


Color Range: Different brightness of red, green & blue LED combined to produce over 16,000,000 colors. RGB color mixing. Seamless distribution of rich, uniform color

Light Source: 1w High Power LED

LED Quantity: 18 1w High Power LED: 6 red , 6 green , 6 blue

Beam Angle: 25

Signal transferring format: standard DMX protocol (RS485 terminal)

Control System: DMX 512 or stand alone with SRC-AI-100. Channel address is via SRC-AI-100.

DMX address: DMX512 , 3 channels; 1. red 2. green 3. blue. Each channel with Value equals to 0-255 and Function 0-100% intensity.

Housing: cast aluminum alloy

Finish: white or black (other custom colors are available at extra charge)

Connecting Mode: standard signal cord and power cord

Connectors: 3-pin waterproof signal connector and 3 pin power connector

Mounting: Fixing with screws. Universal position on a flat surface.

Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)

Dimensions: L343 x W90 x H50.5 mm (13.50 x 3.54 x 1.99 inch)

Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage: AC90-264V/24V DC

Operating Current: Max. 0.14A (140 ma)

Power Consumption: 30 watts

Environmental Specifications

Application Temperature: -20C to 40C

Cooling: Convection, no fans

IP Rating: IP66

Color Effects

Static Display: static display of over 16,000,000 colors by mixing colors

Flashing Change: colors transition from high brightness to low brightness

Cross Fade: colors alternate

Chasing Change: colors chase one another

Circulation Function: single color circulates regularly

Controllers and Control Options
DMX-512 Mode Requires
DMX-512 Controller
SRC-AI-100 Address Writer
Stand-Alone Mode Requires
SRC-AI-100 as Address Writer and Controller
For Large Configurations of more than 30 LED
Panorama Washes you will need to add the SRC-
143 Signal Amplifier  which can
operate up to 120 fixtures each.
* Controllers sold separately

Example 1

(When more than 30 Fixtures from one controller are required and the distance of more than 150 Meters distance between the controller and last fixture is required)

Add (1) Signal Amplifier SRC-143 for every 4 groups of 30 fixtures (120 Total per SRC-143)

Connect the output of the first SRC-143 to the input of the next SRC-143 to add additional groups.

Example 2
DMX-512 or SRC-AI-100
Up to 30 units can be connected in this configuration without the need for a signal amplifier. See Example 2 for larger applications and requirements.

Available Interconnection Cables

XLR-Male to Mini Female XLR


XLR-Female to Mini Male XLR


Example 2-Expanded (When more than 30 Fixtures from one controller is required)

Add (1) Signal Amplifier SDL-109A-T1 between each group of 30 fixtures.

Dimensional Diagram


Candela Distribution Diagram


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