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Mega Power Multi-beam searchlights
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The HEADLIGHT 4000 model P-1468 is a high power outdoor classic flower effects projector. It is sure to catch the eye, even over great distances.

The HEADLIGHT 4000 is an innovative projector with an elegant housing made from high quality aluminum alloy with an epoxy paint finish and it complies to CE norms and standards. The protection against dust and liquid is high, IP 33. The rotating reflector-bowl produces a spray of multi beam, and the light beams are bright, sharp and dynamic, which can be visible for up to 10 kilometers (6.25 miles) depending on the ambiance and the weather conditions.

The HEADLIGHT 4000 has safety devices both of auto thermal cut off and lamp power cut off. When the temperature exceeds the allowance value, the lamp cools to the allowance temperature value. If a mistakes is made in operating to replace the lamp such as opening the projector head cover without switching off the power, the lamp and relative fans will be stopped automatically to avoid the damaging of the eyes and relative fans cutting one's fingers.

The HEADLIGHT 4000 is an ideal illuminating to light up buildings, exhibitions and for artistic aerial either temporary or permanent applications.

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Voltage 400 V AC 50/60 Hz (Bi-phase)
Power Consumption 4100W @ 220V
Lamp Type: HMI 4000
Color temperature: 6,000 K
Lumens: 380,000
Manufacturer's Rated Lamp Life: 750 hours
Socket: Sfa21
Motors 2 DC Motors (one for head's panning and the other for reflector bowl rotation)
Head Movement Pan 110°, tilt manually adjustable through 0° to 40°
Beam Effects Produces a spray of 35 rotating beams
Visibility Up to 10 kilometers (6.25 miles)
Control Automatic stand-alone operation
IP Rating IP33
Cooling Specially designed ventillation system ensures cool running operation of the electronic, electric and mechanical assemblies resulting in higher reliability and durability of the luminaire
Housing High quality aluminum alloy with with epoxy powder paint finish
Dimensions 740 mm (L) X 560 mm (W) X 790 mm (H) (29 X 22 X 31 inches)
Packed Dimensions 860 mm (L) X 650 mm (W) X 1160 mm (H) (34 X 25.6 X 35.4 inches)
Power Consumption 4150W @ 220V
Weight 85.4 Kg (187.88 lbs)
Packed Weight 110.4 Kg (242.88 lbs)
Optional Multicolor reflector bowl



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